[IC]Bear 60% ergo keyboard- Gasket mount

Hi everyone,hope you all were safe and good !

This is jacky ,i`ve been open the GB (S7 - elephant)
.For this big boy i

want say is very hard work in every process But it almost done finally, so i am show this keyboard here .

Bear - i call it as this name and that boards idea come from Alice ,first time when i see this layout i am fall in love with it but i

would like it have arrows so this idea come out .This time we try the gasket mount like key65 .here is different mount

Below were some photos of Bear

Features: 6063 Alu /5.5 degree/hotswap pcb /price start at $350/200 slot

The face of keyboard engraved a ‘bear’ logo,back of was claw :smiley:

If you have any suggestion please leave you comment,i am a new maker on geekhack you suggestion was important to me

Thanks in advance and thanks to some friends help,make or break and E


I am new here ,sorry that if i have break the rule

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This looks awesome. I’m in.

Will the engraved bear be infilled with accented color like the renders or will it come in the same color as the keyboard?

same as the keyboard ,you can infilled the color as you want but you need buy the ink

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already updated it ,you can get fresh new on my channel
Discord :discord.gg/rPhYygc

Move to prototypes ,soon

Can’t wait for this. I need the Elephant though to complete my @Jakcy_kbd collection though.


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GB time :

ETA :12-15th July.(undecided)