[IC] Blue Alps Comeback

I am running this interest check to see how much demand there would be for new Alps SKCM Blue re-creation switches. These switches would be copied as accurately as possible from original Blue Alps parts including the switchplate. I have talked with several switch manufacturers that would be willing to undertake the project, however, it will be an expensive project, so I need to see how much demand there would be before I can continue.


Do let me know if you need any help with design. I am happy to work out CAD models for alps switches and leaves if needed.

I’m more interested in SKCM Brown and Orange remakes.

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That would be awesome!
Do you have any Blue Alps to use as reference?

Once we remake old Alps housings that will be easy.

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I took the interest check but I don’t know if you’re legit, this is a really big project. Do you actually think you could reproduce Blue Alps? Brown Alps would also be really cool.

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This ^ While I’d love to see a good remake of SKCM blues, a good remake of SKCM browns would interest me even more. Also TBH, while it would require more of a workload, I think adding SKCM brown remakes would grab even more interest & final sales (if it goes to GB) for this project

I would lobe to see this happen and would support it

Hmm interesting, I’d love to see where this goes!

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As for blue alps, I do not, but I do have a good few NOS whites, so I can get measurements for nearly everything but the leaf itself.

Would be very interested in a comeback!