[IC] BnB87 TKL

Hey all! This is Lbibass here, and I am happy to announce a new keyboard that I have been working on for the last couple of weeks. The BnB87.

This is a gasket mount TKL manufactured by ALF and designed by me. It uses a gasket mount similar to what the 356mini used, with a gasket wrapping around the switches, and the gasket resting on protrusions in the bottom case. It will use a 6.6º angle. These BEAUTIFUL renders are by @Tesletron.

Options for plates will include half plates and full plates. Still deciding on layout support and the material, but for sure the PCB will support a 7u spacebar. Still deciding on whether or not to support 6.25u layouts, as it would compromise the plate. If interest is high enough, then I will add an option in the GB for a 6.25u+7u plate. You can vote here.

In addition, I am still unsure as to what connection will be used, either Mini-USB or USB Type-C. You can vote here for that option.

Right now I have no plans for ISO. Sorry Jae :frowning_face:. I feel like it compromises the PCB too much, and right now there are no plans to launch in the UK. That could change if I feel enough people are interested.

I am also planning on having Alps support, for those who enjoy that. Right now I am planning to only support 7u Alps layouts, as that is the most common.

In terms of case material, the two options I am planning on having produced are Polycarbonate and your regular old aluminum, with a brass weight. On the polycarbonate model, there will be brass screw in inserts, so no need to worry about stripping :smile:. I will continue to post updates with more renders as they come out. Thanks for reading.



More renders will be posted here.


Doesn’t this use an A.87 pcb with topside USB port? How would the gasket work in that case since the usb port is on the top instead of the bottom?

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I designed the plate to have a slot, so that the gasket can either go over top of the usb port or wedge its way between the switches and the USB port. Alf is working on a custom PCB however, so it may move to a bottom mount usb port.

Are split backspace and split right shift required, or just options?

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They are options! You can go with standard right shift and backspace!

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Looks great lbib! Can’t wait for the GB :+1:

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I eagerly await the day when gasket mount boards are affordable.


So do I! I hope that when I get a quote on the price, it will be reasonable.

Looks great, I really like split shift and split backspace support. Are you planning also WKL version with blockers?


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Looks nice - love the alps support. Will the pcb support a standard layout alps set - I doubt the plate will as it’s uncommon, think of the DSA Granite alps sets :wink:

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The plates will be open source, so if you want to have your own custom alps tkl, feel free to modify the plate files if you see fit!

I am so ready for this!

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