[IC] Brutal 60 Brass Plate w/ Flex Cuts Interest check

Hey everyone,

I’ve been wanting to get some plates cut for my Brutal 60 for a while now but couldn’t find the files needed and I lack the CAD skills to create a plate on my own. BUT I finally stumbled into the #Brutal60 channel in the CannonKeys discord and saw a really cool plate design that I’ve attached below (made by Jae in the discord). I will be getting this plate cut for myself via Laserboost. Obviously it is cheaper the more plates are made, so I’d like to ask:

Is anyone here interested in getting in on this order for a brass Brutal60 plate with me?

I was planning to get 1.2mm brushed brass (it’s 20% off right now). The prices would be as follows:
1 plate -> 63.27€ per plate,
5 plates -> 43.45€ per plate,
10 plates -> 39.40€,
15 plates -> 38.53€,
25 plates -> 37.08€

These prices are not including shipping. I am located in Washington, US. This is my first time doing this by the way. I will be sending in the files and submitting the order on Feb 14 no matter how many people want to join. Let me know if any of you are interested or if you have any questions! I would collect money from everyone that is interested via paypal a few days before submitting the order.

Below is what the plate will look like and I’ve highlighted the changes from an original Brutal plate. As you can see there are flex cuts that will provide a softer bottom out feel and a different sound profile.

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Very cool. I’m currently using a carbon fiber plate, which I preferred over the FR4. Perhaps I need to try a 3rd material! The biggest issue with the brutal is always that bottom row. I can’t seem to get rid of the ring/ping from the metal top housing down there, although the carbon fiber plate made it better.

I’ll think about it, dude. Maybe those flex cuts will do the trick.

That’s interesting, I have never had any problems with ping even on the bottom row, though I’ve only ever tried an FR4 plate. Maybe my ears aren’t in tune enough to hear it or maybe I just don’t know what to listen for. Have you ever tried shelf liner or something to absorb the vibrations?

I’ve heard brass has really good acoustic properties as far as keyboards and I think brass combined with the flex cuts will provide a real nice sound.

Let me know!

Hmm, I feel like even with flex cuts a brass plate is just too dense to really get a lot of benefit when it’s only a 60% size

Yeah I even tried sorbathabe in it. It’s not the cavity ringing but the top. You can tap it with your fingernail and hear it ring. Maybe mine is just abnormal. Who knows. It’s still a great board with creams in it and PBT caps :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking into the brutal60 and stumbled across this post. I know I’m a bit late but is there any chance you still have the file for this plate? I’d like to get one cut for myself but I haven’t been able to find the file for this anywhere.

They are on the official Brutal60 support page:


I already looked into the files that CannonKeys provides for the plates and they don’t have the same one as in this original post unfortunately. I’m specifically interested in the file of the plate with the flex cuts, which I haven’t found for myself yet.