[IC] BSUN Translucent Pandas

Hey everyone!

Bolsa Supply here, and we are extremely excited to finally present this switch. This was something that us and BSUN have been working together with since September and we are finally happy to announce the BSUN Translucent 5-Pin Panda Switch!

We have had major success selling with selling the mint, polar, and red panda’s on our website and this switch is going to be our biggest project to date.

Switch Specs:

  • Full polycarbonate housing
  • POM Stem
  • 5 Pin configuration
  • Spring rate TBD (two options in the IC form for you guys to pick - we will announce the most popular option 24 hours before the GB launches!)

Group Buy Information:

  • $5.00 for a pack of 10 switches
  • Sold in packs of 10 with a minimum purchase amount of 7 packs
  • Sold until MOQ is reached
  • Group buy start date: Friday, 11/20/2020 @ 12:00 PM PDT

Sound test video comparing Yok Mint Holy Pandas & BSUN Translucent Holy Pandas

Images of the Translucent Pandas

Interest Check Form

Link to our Discord (more frequent updates)


Hard to tell from the sound test but maybe they’re a bit quieter than the YOK version? Video says they were lubed by different people, so that could make the difference.

How do they feel? Are they smoother since they are full polycarbonate housings? A smoother panda would be a huge plus IMO.

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When I compared two stock holy pandas, I personally felt that the translucent housing HP’s were a slight bit smoother. I think the full PC definitely played a part in that.

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I like the idea of a backlighting-friendly Panda, and especially like that you guys went for 5-pin. Other than the very welcome extra pins and being made of clear polycarb, is there anything about these that’s different from the other BSUN Pandas? (For that matter, am I wrong in thinking the leaf is really the key element of a “Panda” housing?)

If I hadn’t already bought way too many Pandas I would definitely be interested in picking up some of these - I’m glad to see Pandas be ever-less sacred cows, with more options further from the original template available from more brands. I also don’t mind seeing a Panda that doesn’t have a color one might find in a small box of pastels.

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Hey man, glad you asked! So the housing material is slightly different since this is full polycarbonate. As mentioned in the comment above this may have effected the switch smoothness as it feels a hair less scratchy.

As for the leaf it is exactly the same, and when built with Halo’s they physically feel identical.


How do they sound? I know certain PC mixes can have more of that deeper thockier sound than others, but my big worry with these is that it’ll still sound a bit high-pitched and crisp which is… not exactly what I’m looking for with “panda” housings. Gut-wise, I feel like I’d prefer a milky translucent nylon panda (even if it’s slightly less LED-friendly) to a more transparent PC one, but if y’all can get the sound and feel good this could be a really fantastic option. Still interested either way.

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