[IC]Chicory-Wireless 40% Keyboard with BLE/USB dual mode(Update on 9.14)

2018.9.14 update more pics
Here is new prototype case in black,the GB may start next week

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more pics here:


2018.08.28 Update

This Keyboard kit’s price will definite down below $120($130).


  • Chicory PCB with MDBT40 BLE Module, support both MX and Alps
  • Hollow silvery carbon fiber switch plate,will distinguish among MX+PCB mount stabilizers,MX+Costar,Alps+PCB mount stabilizers and Alps+Alps Costar.So it will have four kinds of switch plate
  • 6061 ALU case(9+1colors for selection), tray mount, manufactured by ALF
  • 1250mAh Li-polymer bettary(MAYBE)
  • Screws, tiny clear rubber bump pads and other accessories if necessary
  • Ability to purchase an extra PCB/Plate

NOT Include:

  • Switches
  • Keycaps
  • Type-C cable
  • Stabilizers or Costar

More PCB info:

  • Atmega32u4, MDBT40 BLE Module etc.
  • TMK firmware(YDKB.io)
  • USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB-C
  • Split-space
  • Ledmap([url]https://help.ydkb.io/features/ledmap.html[/url])
  • Charging indicator lights
  • Three optional footprints for power switch(MSS-12D16)
  • Two footprints for battery plug(PH2.0), can working together, but this case can use only one

About effective Bluetooth range and batterylife:

  • According to my experience, with the 1250mAh Li-polymer bettary, the bettary life can be one months at least every day use.
  • According to the test, the effective Bluetooth range is about 3~4 meters in open area


Hey guys, here is a simple 40% keyboard kit with BLE/USB dual mode.

I’m a crazy 40% keyboards user and collector. I always want to have a simple wireless 40% keyboards, just for typing and easy take outside, with no any other features like RGB or complex shape case.

So here it is. Thanks for the help from my friends.

Actually, “Chicory” is a name of this PCB(the “菊苣” print on PCB means chicory in Chinese), not the keyboard kit. I’m too lazy to give a name to this kit.

The PCB desgin by u/yangdigi, use the mdbt40 BLE mod, firmware is TMK(use YDKB.io to program).
According to my experience, with the 1250mAh Li-polymer bettary, the bettary life can be one months at least.

Support different layout below



Fot the “simple”, I degsin this matching CNC aluminum case with no desgin, no logo, no sign, no weight, just have the battery slot and 4 rubber feet slot,also a little fillet at edge.

This case is manufactured by ALF, and it will provided nine base colors at least.

It also has a special color called Everest White can be choose.

Here is the Everest White protoype:

Thanks for your reading.More info will update soon.


Cool. Still need to figure out for myself if the column row keys are needed for a 40% or not. Also, is it practical to use a BLE keyboard ? I mean, you have to set up the connection all time if you change PC.

Oh I like this! My only concern is keycap availability. Correct me if I’m wrong but you’d really need to get the 40% kit to fill out this board. I’m just trying to remember off the top of my head but would most 40% kits meet the requirements for this board?

That is so pretty and cool! I’m into split ergo boards but that makes me want a staggered 40%… :smiley:

I think BLE keyboard is so convenience:grinning:

I like this 40% layout so much:drooling_face:

You mean 40%kit keycaps?

I have experimented with this layout before, and even 3D printed a prototype case. You don’t need a lot of 40% keys, see below:

It’s a staggered 40% so. Yeah I’m in. Any estimate on pricing or far too early for that?

This Keyboard kit’s price will definite down below $120.And I have update for more info.

Looks beautiful!

You can make the pcb compatible with the KPrepublic’s daisy case options, not sure about the battery, but contacting KPrepublic for a custom case could be a solution too.

Update on 9.14, the GB may start next week.