[IC] Cleave TKL

Hey guys, a few of you may know me but my name is Vinzlr. I frequent Reddit/GH/Discord and today I’ve got an IC for a TKL that I am actively working on. Without further ado I present the Cleave.


This project started when I realized that for some reason I really wanted a MX TKL. I wanted a TKL that was very heavy, chonky and something that I couldn’t exactly describe. So I got to working on my own design after some friends pushed me a little bit.
This keyboard is heavily inspired by: Yuktsi and Ryan Norbauer. Without them doing what they do I wouldn’t have wanted to do this. In addition to that I’d like to thank Hineybush/Ryan Norbauer for giving me incredible advice and help while working on this.

Design Features

  • Two part design: the top half is aluminum while the bottom half is a brass weight
  • Thick bezels
  • Will use H.87 pcb from Hineybush


  • Case: 85% (still need to add screw holes for plate/weight + hole for usb plug). Also decide between chamfering and non-chamfering case edges(find attached google form to vote)
  • Weight: 90% (still need to add holes for screws + design)
  • Plate: 0% (haven’t started working on it but plan to match TGR Jane plate)


Interest Check Form:https://forms.gle/kzHEJUCiVf7Bjaio9

Geekhack: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=100041.0#lastPost


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are you sure you just dont want Moto Moto?

Looks interesting cant wait to see more renders!

Looks very cool! Please, add some renders with keycaps on.

Also, other colors besides purple (not my cup of tea) would be welcome. :slight_smile:

IC form submitted.
I’ve been waiting for the right TKL and this may be the one, although with full aluminum/brass I’m a little nervous to see estimated cost.