[IC] Cyberboard | Do you like this cybertank?

Hello everyone , let me introduce you a creative keyboard: the Cyberboard.
I surprisingly found it in a Keyboard bbs of China . The inspiration comes from the Cybertruck of Tesla.
The cyberboard is in R&D,with innovative features and amazing functions. I wanner share with you the latest information I got from the designer. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to leave your comments below.


QMK? QMK audio?

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As I mentioned on Reddit, I actually really like the general shape and design but I’m not sure about the LED (?) display, since it will face away from you and seems like it would add cost and complexity. I’d like to see a version without it as well.

If there is installed payments count me in lol

If it comes with ISO I want one!

Are there any specs yet? Also how will that screen interface with the keyboard?

I wonder if it works like this do Amazon.com

Not based on qmk. They found a new IC and have rewritten the driver and still debugging it

im in the discord channel, and they didnt release any specs so far