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The purpose of the IC is to gauge interest (duh) but more specifically determine which base kit to run with. The-Basics Kit with no numpad is only SLIGHTLY Cheaper than the All-In Base Kit which includes the numpad kit. I personally prefer numpad in Base, but of course it is MOSTLY up to the people.

This was originally a 40s only set so 40s support WILL stay in base. Keeping 40s in Base was my commitment when I was given permission to run this set. Shoutout to my 40s Weirdos!


Originally brought to you by Evangs, GMK Paperwork is one of my favorite keysets of all time…only problem is I’m one of those weirdos who need numbers and symbols. Crazy Right. So after running a shop successfully for a year (Happy 1 Year Anniversary 3DKeebs - 8/20/2020) Im ready to bring this bad boy to the masses as a full kit. As a fan of GMK, my initial intent was to run it as GMK, BUT As you may or may not know GMK Lead times are insane and I’m just not comfy holding folks dinero like that, plus DCS is VASTLY UNDERRATED. If you are unfamiliar DCS is cherry like (sits a bit lower)

3DKeebs is owned and operated by me Davis AKA Davisthegreate on Reddit & Keebtalk. Texas Born & Raised, I’ve been in the hobby since 2016.

The Facts

  • Shipping ETA: TBD - Once Kitting is finalized I will request a production timeline estimate

  • Vendors: 3DKeebs (US) is primary, regional vendors will be based on demand and are TBD. I do ship internationally but I know it can be more helpful to have vendors closer.

  • Profile: Signature Plastics DCS 1-1-2-3-4-4

  • 13 Stock SP Colors: GG, GKH, GTR, RDA, RCJ, YBP, YCE, RCR, RCS, BDG, BFQ, VBQ, and VAT

  • Double Shot ABS

  • All Spacebars UNDER 6U will NOT be Convex - SP does not YET provide convex space bars under 6U

  • Price - TBD

Proposed Kits

All-In Base Kit

The-Basics Base Kit

Dark Alphas Kit

Bars Kit

Numpad Kit

Previous Runs and IRL Photos

DCS Paperwork Color Samples

GMK Paperwork

DSA Paperwork

Updates & Contact

DCS Paperwork 3DKeebs Discord

3DKeebs Instagram

DCS Paperwork IC Geekhack Link


Kitting: Huge Shoutout to Dededecline - there is NO WAY, I would have been able to put this together w/o him.
Renders: LizCuits
Support: Shoutout to Ari, Enabler Gang in the 3DKeebs Discord

To-Do List / Upcoming Changes

  • Label Renders with keycap sizes - Yes That’s a 10U Spacebar

  • 1u Enters will be icon only

  • Confirm 7u Compatibility with 10u spacebar

  • Finalize Base Kit & Pricing

  • Launch GB - 10/1

  • There MAY be cables, artisans and switches TBD


I love that DCS is having a revival and will probably scoop this up if it runs, but man do I hate that we are getting DCS re-runs of existing sets.

Definitely prefer the all-in kit.


LOVE the addition of dark alphas, double 3U and 10U looooooong bar. finally an awesome set with the right amount of bars


Definitely in for this one. Love the kitting, of the big base kit.
Also I love to see those dark alphas! I was not expecting that and I’m kinda shocked that it’s a thing. Looks great though.
Spacebar kit is COMPREHENSIVE to say the least and I appreciate how well it augments the base kit.

All in all I did not expect this to be a “cheap” kit, but for the number of keys you’re getting vs a comparable GMK set I think this should be quite the value.


love the inclusion of SPAAAAAAAAAACE bar.

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Looking forward to more renders with different layouts and boards (my brain is bad at seeing a kit and imagining it on different keebs for some reason) and samples.

Go go DCS Paperwork!

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This looks really good! This might be my first DCS set :eyes:

My only feedback is 140$ seems pricey to me. I get that it includes 40s and you’re obligated to include them, but that still seems like a beefy price for a lot of keys I won’t likely use. Although it is nice to have the support for the future.

Hopefully the price can come down. I am tempted to get the dark alphas as well.


Working on finalizing kitting and then we’ll.crank more board renders out!


I remember telling myself years ago, “I’ll never be one of those folks with too many keysets buying more keysets”



Looks great! Do you have @evangs’s blessing?

Yep :slight_smile:


That’s great! I would definitely consider this set then. I have GMK Paperwork on a Minivan and I love it. (It gets a lot of compliments in the office as well!)

Paperwork is definitely a classic

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