[IC] Deskmat "Moon City"

Hello Everyone!

We are happy to share the first Deskmat Design which was created by one of the Team KEYGEM Members calles Sybi. You can find her work here: sybi (@sybi_sama)

The design is still work in progress since the lines and details will be finalized after the colorways are confirmed.

Please fill out this IC and share your opinion about the design and which colorways you like the most!

Thank you very much for your time!



I usually love all things moon, but it seems weird to have both the moon city and earth? city in the same picture with the same scale. Love the colorway for 1 and 5.


Thanks for the feedback I will hand it over to our designer :slight_smile:

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Username checks out! :slight_smile:

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It’s kinda obvious it ain’t earth and it’s moon tho. :smirk: