[IC] Dino108 | Price Announced, New Layout Pictures

IC Form
You might be asking, why full-size? In the current state of the hobby, there is a lack of full-sized boards, and the idea behind the Dino108 was to help fill that void a bit.
The Dino108 features a seamless, wide-bezeled design that gives the board a large presence. Dino features designs inspired by the Google dinosaur game on the top bezel as well as on the back of the case. Case designed by nFaiz with the help of ChickenMan. PCB designed by ein Sack Zwiebeln#3927.
⦁ Mounting: Top mount
⦁ Typing angle: 7
⦁ Front height: 2 cm
⦁ Plates: Aluminum, Brass, Polycarbonate, FR4
⦁ E-Coated Options: Jurassic Green, Blood Red, Faiz Pink, Nautical Navy, Ash Gray, Flashbang White, Midnight Black
⦁ Anodized Colors: Black, Silver
⦁ PCB: Solderable PCB with QMK support

PCB Compatibility:
Plate Compatibility:

⦁ CNC aluminum 6063 top and bottom case
⦁ Brass weight
⦁ Aluminum plate
⦁ Solderable PCB
⦁ Large Carrying Case
⦁ Support for MX & ALPS Switches (Compatible with AEK F-Row)
Sale Format: TBD
Pricing: 555 USD range
NA : Vala Supply →
Asia: TBD
Europe: TBD


wow, nice looking board, and the internal brass weight under the alphas is a nice touch, but that price is brutal, is this just par for the course with fullsizes? I guess that is a pretty sizable stock billet of aluminum you’d need.

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You’ve hit the mark!

Bigger billet of aluminum, sometimes they might need a larger CNC, as well as more machine time per part. It adds up, but those in the full sized lifestyle need to be willing to pay that full sized price :joy:


The price is no longer as brutal KEKW


oh nice, $555 is a good price, especially for how premium the board seems, good luck on your fullsize venture, I’m glad to see an option for the bigg’uns out there.

Is that a 10u spacebar option?!?


Yes it is :100:



I read through this quickly yesterday and missed neat things:

  • Touch module compatible. 1 its generally awesome, I have only seen this in split keyboards. Not sure about a horizontal one but there aren’t a lot of places for a horizontal one (this is totally not realistic but maybe on the side of the case could be neat connected with a ribbon cable)
  • OLED module sooo bongo cat lol
  • I like the front Dino but might turn off some people depends on how subtle it looks in the final version

There isn’t really much in the full size so I hope/think the IC/GB will go well.

Best wishes on the project!


Nice work, way to bring your wish for a full-size custom into existence :slight_smile: GLWIC!

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I’d prefer the no dino logo on top (or sides)

but I probably won’t be considering this due to it being full size so maybe ignore my opinoin @nfaiz =D

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