[IC] Dolumina 65


Dolumina 65% is 65 version of Dolch Keyboard. I’m looking for making Group Buy at September, but the plan is just plan. Price will be fixed within $350(without shipping cost). The quantity is limited to 30 sets.

When the final design is decided, I will upload it with sample photos again.


  • Housing (Top, Bottom, Plate)
  • USB Mini Breakout Board
  • Cable for Extending USB
  • Logo Sticker
  • Rubber Feet
  • Guarantee Card

Housing Specification:

  • 6 Degree Slope
  • Polycarbonate Plate or Aluminum Plate
  • USB Mini-B
  • Glass Sanded(or Plastic Media) and Anodized Aluminum 6061
  • Top Mounted
  • Support Spacebar Split

You can use any type of 65 PCB that matched with Plate.
Please let me know if there is a problem with the article. I’ll take action.


As with any 65% one of my main questions is; will it have an arrow blocker? Or would you consider it :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, this things looks perfect for zomby apocalyps :smiley:


Can you tell me what the Arrow Blocker is? I’ll consider it if I think it’s a good option :grinning:


Two of the more common bottom row layouts for 65% are:

  • 1.5-1.5-7-1.5-1.5-1-1-1 which leaves no gap between the modifier keys and the arrow keys but requires 1.5u modifiers and a 7u spacebar (included in GMK kits but often a separate kit in other buys)
  • 1.25-1.25-1.25-6.25-1.25-1.25-X-1-1-1 which uses standard 1.25u modifiers and 6.25u spacebar but leaves a 0.5u gap (X) between the modifiers and the arrows where a blocker is commonly placed (see Canoe or Noxary 268)


looks great - what layout options will there be, or will the plate file be open source?


Oh no!!!

Cary has been working on an identical design for 3 months, I am sure the OP has been conceiving this for a while, and somehow both ICs are posted today!!


Maybe some differentiations can be made so there is not a severe cannibalization…


Looks like the ALF version has a slightly smaller bezel and a blocker by the arrow keys. I like both of those better. BUT… this one has a 6 degree slope, which I prefer over the ALF 7 degree. Hmm… decisions.


omg… I designed Tenkeyless version in May(http://gall.dcinside.com/mechanicalkeyboard/48336), and I turned to make 65 version in june. I think It’s because I don’t read geekhack.

Anyway all fault is mine. I’m sorry, really. I will stop this project at overseas.


Hey my friend, it’s not your fault, just unfortunate two identical designs were made by two people.

Pls feel free to release to public as this is your design


Where can we bug it ?


Beautiful case, really like the idea of an aluminum plate in this with the glass. Good luck on getting it all finalized!