[IC] Domikey x Jaekeyed Relic


Hi everyone! Jae here. Here’s my second keycapset design. I started this project right after the end of GMK Lazurite’s Group Buy, last year. This time I designed a gradient keycapset in partnership with Domikey. I have acquired 4 Domikey Cherry profile all-in-one sets - WoB, Astronauts, Vintage, Miami Nights, and to summarize: I can vouch for the quality of Domikey Cherry-profile keycaps.


I envisioned Relic to be a keycapset paying homage to the vintage CherryMX ABS doubleshot keycaps, in a modern light - past meets present. Due to my fascination with the roots of our hobby, I researched the elements from the past which I can incorporate with the overall aesthetics of Relic, seeking guidance from the CherryMX team (at least for the original color codes they used for their OG doubleshots).


Profile: Cherry (sculpted, 1-1-2-3-4-4)
Material: ABS Plastic
Legend: Double injection molding
Kitting: 6 (six) different kits



Domikey offers ‘all-in-one’ kits for all their keycapsets, which is a combination of all the kits under a keycapset. Relic’s kits are: Base, Numpad, Alternate, Icons, Spacebars, and the Relegendables with its 4 (four) different sets of Relegendable Icon sticker packs


The base kit supports a number of MKB layouts: 60% (Tsangan, HHKB, WKL), 65%, 75%, TKL, Alice, split spacebar, etc.; with Icon-legends modifiers; and includes a total of 8 relegendable keys (in two different colors) which you can substitute with your F-row/R1 keys, or use as macro keys - these relegendable keycaps can be opened up (the cap is detachable) and you can insert any printed paper/sticker as a cool way to design a single keycap legend.


The numpad kit completes your 1800, full-sized layouts or your separate numpads.


The alternate kit includes shine-through (LED) keycaps, Icon-Text-legends modifiers, and CherryMX logo novelties to achieve the aesthetic of vintage keycapsets.


The icons kit includes newly-tested (by Domikey) icon legend alternative keys for a number of layouts’ bottom rows, including basic Mac support (with special R4 1.50u blank ‘Command’ keycaps for a Tsangan layout).


Type 1 - R1-profile base keycap, with the regular transparent top cap
Type 2 - R1-profile transparent shell to cover the base keycap

This kit comes with a total of 4 icon sticker packs (SET A to SET D) with icons you can pinch away using your tweezers, and use as inserts for the relegendable keys. It also comes with 4 different large circular stickers per set that represent the gradient of Relic.

Browse through the image to see all icons included.

We (Domikey and I) have already ran a test print for the initial design of the relegendable sticker icons but the one you see above will be the final iteration I designed. If you are new to the community or unfamiliar with the design possibilities of a relegendable keycap, you may watch the video below, showing how to use these stickers:


And of course, Relic has a spacebars kit to support other uncommon layouts.
*Note: 1.00u and 1.25u keys are R4 blank concave profile keycaps


900mm x 400mm
Rough texture top
Natural rubber-base

I want a functional deskmat, so I changed the original deskmat design into this new one. Whenever I change my keycaps, I always want them organized. People can use this deskmat to arrange their keycaps while building their boards. Since Relic is Cherry inspired, I incorporated the same elements as the previous deskmat design while adding some ‘cherry balls’.


CMM.Studio Fuji75 PolyCarb

BlindAssassin SP-111

More Keyboard Renders





TBD with other vendors

(I’ll be acting as the lead vendor for Relic, and all related products (except for special collaborations) will be sold under a GB type of sale. The initial kits I arranged way back last year has already been quoted. The latest kits you’ll see in this thread has already been quoted too since I communicate directly with Domikey)

I would love to take your feedback/comments/suggestions. You can check the interest check form below, and if you have the time, please answer the form at your own pace. Thank you very much!

Interest Check Form

As always, I would like to thank everyone who has shown support for Relic. You are awesome! Keeb up MKB community! :ok_hand:

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Such a classy gradient. Didn’t know that was possible. You usually have to choose between classy or blingy. This is both! Love it.

I was going to ask for 1800 coverage (R1 Page Down, for example), but I guess you could just use the relegendables.

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Thank you for showing interest :blush:

Yes, thank you for understanding! That’s the main purpose of the relegendable keys on base, in case someone will purchase the Numpad kit. I’d like the community to truly appreciate the use of the relegendable keys.