[IC] Doro67 - Integrated Plate 65%

We are happy to present to you Doro67, an integrated plate 65% customized keyboard set.

Doro67’s look is inspired by RAMA’s M65A. The purpose of this design to build an aesthetically simplistic everyday workhorse keyboard. To achieve consistent keypress feedback, Doro67 adopts an integrated plate that is 4mm thick, which is compatible with a few layouts. In order to achieve a comfortable typing experience with high-profile keycaps such as the SA caps, Doro67 applies a lower keyboard profile (height) than a majority of the keyboards on the market. Further, to keep a stable connection, the USB connector will use a separate sub-board from the PCB.


One key design feature of this keyboard is the 4mm integrated plate.



  1. 6061 Aluminum Case
  2. 4mm Integrated Plate
  3. QMK PCB
  4. 8 degrees slope
  5. USB-C connector
  6. 4 rubber feet included
  7. designed by 80ultraman (Gghi on GH)
  8. Manufactured by ALF

We will provide the standard 9 colors, identical to the ALF DC60 GB, with the option to upgrade to the Everest White with an additional cost. Please see below.



Currently, the prototype PCB has been fully tested, the prototype case is with the manufacturer.

8/9/2018: CNC Prototype finished, waiting for anodization.

8/14/2018: Prototype finished. Test completed. Minor modifications will be made.







To-do list:

X. Test the compatibility of PCB and the case. Done
X. Optimize the USB connector case holes and the details of the case. Done
3. Make a deal with the manufacturer (ALF) and set final pricing (estimated under ~$250 with a set of Case and PCB)
4. Run Group Buy!

GB will be announced in ALF Discord: Discord

More images:



That is one THICK plate. The prototype photos look excellent. Sub $250 price huh? Color me interested. 65% with a blocker is my jam.

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How much extra will the new white coating be? Any idea? This is a really nice board for the money. Heck, it’s just a really nice board.

Hey it will be about 40 dollars more

Thanks man!

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any thoughts on having a 3 1u key option for the right side? split backspace? split spacebar?

looks amazing though, curious how the THIQQ plate feels

Hey. Most customizations will be available via a $20 addon fee.

hefty fella

That’s a nice high profile case with the right amount of bezel.
It would probably look great with a poly carb bottom for the underglow.

I hope that i won’t support split backspace, because that’s my excuse not to buy it.

That and the fact i just joined the DC60 Case, so i’ll probabbly wait til i have that in
hand and can experiance ALF quality with my own eyes before buying more from them.

Will the PCB support split space-bar?

not so sure about the 8 degree slope but other than that it’s a sweet looking board

any chance for ISO layout on this one? looks absolutely fantastic.

Yes, all customizations such as iso/split backspace/etc will be 20 dollars customization fee.


Default version is as is. Customizations can be done with 20 dollars fee.

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Good idea! DC60 should be done soon.

count me in!!

This kinda draws me in here, I was pretty disappointed that the alum. Clueboard only offered one layout (although I completely understand why that decision was made). Just offering the possibility of more than one layout is huge IMO & the price isn’t bad at all to top it off. Keeping my eye on this project, if my finances line up with the GB I want in on one with a split back space! :sunglasses:

Well, I’m sold. Split backspace with blocker and white finish. Take my money.

Are all the keys standard? It looks like a non-standard right shift.

Hey right shift is 1.75u.