【IC】 DR-70F by DaringRun

Hello everyone, we are DaringRun, a sub-brand from wind studio, aiming to provide you with high-quality and affordable customized keyboards,give you a more choice.
Today,we bring you a new keyboard:DR-70F

Why we make this layout?
First of all, we appreciate the TENET70 keyboard very much, and we have been lucky to have it for a while,but since we need to use F area long time,so as our first keyboard,we want to combine practicality according to my preferences.We are the first one to make 70%+5%.

Typing angle: 7°
Material: 6063alu
Color: Not decided yet
Price:Not decided, around $180
Layout:70%+5%(No F area, no numpad,function keys next to arrow keys,5 function keys on the other side)
Structure:PCB gasket mount,Sandwich mount
Plate:Alu,anodised gold,1.5mm
Split main area,arrow area,function area
Arrow area and function area can be rotated and switched,one keyboard two layouts
Protrusion TYPE C design

Front height 19.5mm and back height 32.4mm.Compared with traditional 70% layout,add five function keys,make the keyboard more slender.The most important, the height make you have a comfortable typing experience for a long time

The decoration piece shape tangent semicircle of two parallel lines. The front vision is clean and simple,only a light-transmitting decoration piece ,designed in the center of the upper area of the arrow keys.The light can be adjusted and turned off , and it is also capslock LED indicators.

Contrast beautiful waistline.A beautiful keyboard can not be ignored whether it is the front, side or bottom. Compared with the flat visual sense of the front, the layering can be seen through the side. The contrasting color waistline design highlights the sense of layering while avoiding bloat, thereby further enhancing the overall visual experience of the keyboard.
As for how to realize the middle case is not only the waistline, but supports two structures and two layouts. The uniqueness will be explained in the following structure.

The weight-stainless steel frame with calf leather. The calfskin hot stamping process embosses the logo pattern with a concave and convex feeling on the leather to improve the three-dimensional effect of the pattern. The perfect combination of “hardness and softness” has a sense of elegance.

Protrusion TYPE C interface design. The TYPE C interface is hidden in the weight, and the protruding shape is convenient for plugging and unplugging the USB-C cable, which not only takes into account the aesthetics, but also improves the practicality.
There are 3 cut lines in the bottom case. The lines on the bottom case help to penetrate the sound better. Of course, every one have different sound preference. This part is also designed with foams that can be blocked. You can experience it according to your preferences and bring you more customized experience.

Support PCB gasket mount.With silicone gasket fixed on the pcb,which makes installation and removal more convenient. Used with single middle frame part, the middle frame part is the waistline,which is beautiful and can better to connect the Top case and the bottom case.

Sandwich mount. A whole plate connected to the top case and the bottom case at the same time,better suppress to bottom vibration.

Alu plate,anodised gold,1.5mm(PCB gasket mount, sandwich mount plate)

4 pieces embedded silicone. There are two small holes on the left and right sides of the middle frame part (use pcb mount gasket) and whole plate(use sandwich mount), the embedding of silicone makes the top case better locate the limit, so you don’t have to worry about repeating the top case move to find the hole position.

The battery connector is connected to the TYPE C daughter board, easier installation and removal.
1.6mm PCB, non flex cut.Wired pcb and bluetooth pcb available, hotswap pcb support stepped capsLock. Two battery compartments allowing for a capacity of 5000mAh.The wired PCB supports keymap on VIA and VIAL, and you can use VIAL without downloading firmware.

2mm space from hot-swap sockets to bottom. The interior space is more compact, reduce cavity sound.
Split structure brings changeable layout. The three area (main area,function area,arrow area) split plate,split pcb, pcb connected with ribbon cables,make sound and typing feel more consistency. You only need to rotate the case and the PCB area, then can switch to the layout you like.This is also a boon for lovers who are used to using southpaw keyboards.


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