[IC] DSA 8-Bit

DSA 8-Bit

DSA 8-Bit is a keyset that will be manufactured by Signature Plastics in dyesub PBT. With permission from Trashman himself, DSA 8-Bit pays homage to the original XDA run. It uses the original glyphs that were used for the XDA version, but instead of text modifiers uses the brilliant icons that were part of the original keyset. It will be offered in a 40% first base kit, with add-on kits to support other layouts, based on feedback. This set has been secretly developing in the 40% community and will go to group buy in a few weeks (no date is set yet).

  • 40% First Base kit
  • Add-on kits based on feedback
  • Keycap color codes: GDE, GKK
  • PBT Dysublimation in DSA profile
  • Manufactured by Signature Plastics

If you are interested in seeing compatibility for other layouts, please fill out the following form: DSA 8-Bit Kit requests


I’d buy it. I own XDA 8-bit too. But I much prefer DSA to XDA. DSS would be even better :slight_smile:

Am I missing something or are there only two 1.5u bottom row mods? Sure would be nice if we could have 4 for a full bottom Tsangan row. Either the A/B in 1.5 or just two control and alt keys would work.

Those could be part of a 60/65% kit


I just filled out the form. Didn’t see it on first read. Too excited for 8-bit :blush:


I filled

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So, I received a preliminary quote from SP this morning and it looks like dyesub from them is pretty expensive. So much, that the set cannot be made in the US and be done at an affordable price. After chatting with Trashman, I realize that is why most dyesub PBT is done overseas. Melissa said “sublimation is very labor intensive” and that it actually costs more than 2-shot keycaps…at least from SP. With that said, I’m disappointed to announce that DSA 8-Bit will have to be shelved until I can sort out an alternative manufacturer.


DCS Delftware was pretty reasonably priced - and there is another DCS dye sub set coming down the pike that isn’t priced too badly.

Is the problem the MOQ? If this were broken into sets like their other DSA caps (Alphas, Mods, Extensions) you might be able to hit a higher volume for most kits by supporting 60%-100% along with 40%

It is sad that the US is too expensive.

TKC is already selling the MiniVan - they have a pretty good DSA dye sub supplier you could always try them :rofl:

I like this a lot, although I would only be interested if I could make it work on a 60%. Yes SP is expensive. On the other hand, the quality is crazy good. Their legends are razor sharp.