[IC] DSA Anaglyph

DSA Anaglyph

I had this idea to do a anaglyph keycap set because of a misprint on one of my mousepads. The design got printed 3 times or so, and it instantly reminded me of the red/blue 3D glasses.

Here is a rough idea of what the keycaps would look like

On paper, and on the screen, the design works pretty well with 3D glasses. If there is interest, I am going to order samples in to make sure that the design translates to keycaps.

We also have a couple designs for mousepads (samples already ordered).

3D glasses


And here is a kit that we are thinking about doing as well.


To Do:

  • Add novelties
  • Lock in kit
  • Get samples made
  • Possibly get custom box made for the set

interesting idea, but i think XDA might work better because of its more flat top profile


thats trippy, really interested in how it turns out

I havent really been able to get a super crisp legend from any of the XDA manufacturers. With SP, I know I can get the crisp lines in dyesub that I think this set will require.

I absolutely love this idea. I like the 3d glasses mouse pad as well.

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This makes my eyes feel funny :laughing: Looks pretty interesting, though. Best of luck!

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cool idea Mike. I’d definitely be interested!

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Thanks! I am most likely going to order some samples in and see how they turn out.

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On one hand, these look really unique.

On the other hand, my eyes hurt looking at them.

Good luck and godspeed to whoever orders them, but they are not for me.

I agree. This is a cool concept and I think it would probably be easier to pull off well on XDA

oh. gotcha. thats unfortunate i always thought XDA was a more versatile profile

Neato. Now where is that 65% board?

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Pretty cool ideal, I like where this is going! Is this gonna be a all in or nothing set or will there be kits available? Considering it’s gonna be an all white set I bet there would be a good bit of interest in just the kits that will have the anaglyph legends, specifically the alphas, to mix & match with other DSA sets.

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I would be interested in knowing how the effect works on the finer lines for the mod legends. A mono white set would be okay, but some light grey mods could jazz it up, but I can see how that may diminish the 3D effect.

you didn’t answer, @mgsickler


I’m a little red/blue color blind, so honestly at a glance this just looks like a white/black key set, fwiw. :slight_smile: