[IC] DSA Nineteen Thirty

Wow! So the alphas and accent mods are well, artisan-ized. Hope to see this technique in some GMK legends and colorways.

  • Using a new method of Keycap manufacturing to produce multiple textured artisan effect keycaps that only go a step further to reinforce the theme.
  • The keycaps start off as a white base that are dip dyed (similar/comparable to sublimation) to the medium grey, they are then dye-sublimated black and etched back to smooth white using laser engraving.



Ah - so this explains what “dip-dying” is. I saw a set on Dorp touting that method but they didn’t say anything about it there. I am kind of curious how registration works with this process.

The two dyes is cool but I’m a little skeptical about the engraving - unless they’ve done an additional step to smooth the surface in the etched areas, they will be like little crud magnets. I used to work in signage and produce laser-engraved items regularly - the rough textured surface produced by etching is a perfect forever-home for unwanted particulate…

I love the concept of these - 30’s cartoons - scratching my head about the mods vs the alphas, though. I agree with @Manofinterests’ take that the legends should either all have that outline, or none of them should.

Nitpicking aside, I give the designers credit for trying something new, and I’m glad they did.



I’m a huge fan of typography, and this dip-dying plus dye-sublimate technique opens up all kinds of possibilities. Theoretically, you could recreate any Google Font in the catalog.


These look pretty cool but I’m skeptical of the longevity of the white


I think it would have been cooler if the modifiers were done in the same style as the alphanumerics.

Also in case they become crud magnets, they can be crud magnets together