[IC] DSS White on Black | Updated IC

DSS White on Black

Group Buy Date: Soon

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Proposed Kits

Base Kit
60% up to TKL including Alice and HHKB support
Also UK ISO and 3-Key 40s support

Numpad Kit
Full size, 1800, and numpad support

Extension Kit
Additional 40% keys & Ortholinear

RGB Mod Kit
A little extra color

NorDe Kit
Language coverage

Colevrak+ Kit
Added coverage for many alternate layouts including: Dvorak, Colemak, Colemak DH(m), Workman, Norman, Carplax QGMLWY, QWPR, and Asset.

Some Words

This is IC round 2 for DSS WOB - I think the first GB was trying to do too much in a new-ish profile. Hopefully this time around I’ve managed to make it a little more efficient and we can make sure the cost stays reasonable for a basic colorway such as this.

The kitting is pretty well set at this point I believe. Feel free to leave any comments or feedback in the IC form if I’ve missed something super necessary or if you have any suggestions. As I work to get vendors back on-board I’ll get an updated quote and pricing. I think we’ll run this after some of the other DSS Group Buys deliver so people can have a chance to see how they like DSS enough to grab another set. So expect the GB in a couple months.

I love DSS as a profile. It feels to me like a nice middle ground between a lot of profiles. It’s sculpted yet not a super high profile like SA. I have a graphic on the GH IC thread that shows the differences. If you’re curious about DSS I hope this set is a good entry point into the profile with a basic colorway.

Vendors & Pricing



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