[IC] Emperor 75%

Welcome to the Emperor IC:


Note: the bar at the bottom of the OLED screen is a fault in the OLED model I bought it should not be there.
Some more prototype pictures over on my discord if you would like to check it out: Discord

Hi guys,
Finally got in the prototype and I would like your feedback on it. I have created a short form with some questions and I would appreciate it if you could fill it out thank you!



-Aluminum 6063
-Top mount with rubber gummies in-between the plate (please check renders for info)
-Dimensions (front 19mm, back 34mm)

-Polished Brass


-Polished brass

-Tokugawa Rev4.0 PCB
-Daughter boards (USB-C, OLED)



This is not the first ever design I have made. However, I know I still have a way to go and plan to improve throughout this. I also plan to make sure every part of the design will be refined throughout the prototyping stages to ensure the final product is perfect.

This design was mainly inspired by the retro apple extended keyboards. I really liked the side profile of the keyboard as well as the excess material protruding from the top of the keyboard. As a designer and mechanical engineer I draw a lot of technical drawings. Therefore I thought it would be nice if there would be a dedicated place I could easily place my pen and reach it, another happy mistake with the pen holder is that a phone could be placed into the slot. The OLED screen was more of a experimental thing for the design. However, I really liked the way it turned out. Finally I called the design emperor because it represents the design standing out from others.

-After reviewing some of the feedback you guys have given me, I am planning to get a prototype ordered soon.
-I have removed unneeded machining time from the top frame to reduce cost
-I Have updated the size of the fillets on the USB-C cutouts to reduce machine time
-Prototype ordered
-prototype will be arriving in about a week


Everything on this interest check is a work in progress. Therefore, the design is not final and can have some changes made to it. This is to get a better working design as well as making it a higher quality product.


If you have any questions or any improvement, I could make to the design please feel free to join the Emperor IC discord server:
-I have more detailed pictures of the prototype on the discord. I will also be posting a sound test onto the discord soon!

please note that these renders are old and not updated to the prototype I will try to get new ones rendered soon!



Wow you made a proto of it! Nice!

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Very nice design. Interested pending pricing.

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Thanks! Yes still waiting for pricing as I have some small changes to add to the design.

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Wow, this is a bold design and naming! I would be very interested to know the thought process behind them. Is there anywhere I can find out more?

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Updated the post with the thought process behind the design hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Wow, really like the design language of this board! Also very happy to see just a good old top mount! Will be keeping an eye on this project, good luck moving forward OP!

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