[IC] ePbt - Be The One

Hello Keebtalk!

This keyset is heavily inspired by the IDE theme One Dark Pro. I wanted to offer a Pbt set kind of discrete with a composition potential using the several kits available. Also note that there is NorDe, FR and BE kits; if people interested in other language i’m willing to add those if enough people interested in.

During the development of this set the mention of a monochrome kit of the mods was raised, is anyone into this kind of kit?


Keyboard Renders



Worlwide: Kbdfans
EU: Candykeys
Canada: DeskHero

Thanks to Oblotzky and Biip for the renders and help; all of the other you know who you are and you know how thankfull i am.


08.16.20 : IC creation
08.28.20 : Vendors addition
08.29.20 : Kits update


I dig it! Kinda like a more cohesive Oblivion IMO with the mods & alphas sharing the same base color.


Not bad, I really do enjoy all the keysets based on IDE themes, this one especially.


Hello all!

Vendors have been added

Thanks for the update. Did you decide to add a mono mods kit to this? (I should probably check the GH thread).

Yes, current state of the project:

  • Addition of monochrome mods legend kit
  • Addition of ISO UK kit
  • Addition of Dvorak Colemak kit
  • Addition of Bépo kit
  • Rework of 40 kit
  • Rework of spacebar kit
  • Minor alignment / legend adjustments

That’s great news. Thanks.

This looks really good. Reverse dysub always scares me a bit, especially ePBT but I’ll probably be in for a set.

Extremely interested in this set. Even changed my Atom Theme back to One Dark.

Hey everyone, huge updates on the kitting.

Added Monochrome kit
40 kit was lighten up with accent to accept more layout compatibilies, now Preonic/Planck are covered.
Addition of Dvorak/colemak kit
Addition of Bepo Kit
Splitting the UK keys into a proper kit
Kits/alignments fixing
Added missing barred keys

Kudos to Konstantin who helped a lot on 40 kit compatibility


You’re killing it on this one. Thanks for being so receptive with feedback and your flexibility. I feel like a lot of IC’s these days are really just GB announcements/advertising, and the designer’s aren’t interested in collaborating with the community or budging from their vision/preferences/etc.

Is it PBT reverse-dyesub, or is it doubleshot ABS?

This might sound like a dumb question, but ePBT confusingly manufacturers doubleshot ABS too.

Reverse dyesub