[IC] ePBT Blank Pink Keycaps

Hey everyone!

Doing a quick interest check for affordable ePBT Blank Pink keycaps! Colors are inspired by the ZealPC roselios colorway (Pantone 189U). Like ePBT Blank Blue, MOQ will be 200 sets with a few international proxies. Price will also be lowered to $45 CAD approximatly.

PRICE: $45 CAD Approx or $34 USD (MOQ 200 Sets)



  • Blank Pink PBT Keycaps
  • Thick Cherry Profile Keycaps
  • Made by enjoyPBT
  • 121 keys included to cover various layouts such as ANSI, WKL, ISO, HHKB
  • Also covers most sizes such as 60%, 65%, TKL, 1800, 96, Full-size
  • PANTONE 189 C

Shipping to the US is around $11.37 CAD and shipping within Canada is $11-17 CAD



  • Proxies have not been confirmed yet but we’re hoping to get EU, Oceania/Asia and US. F, J and will be scooped + barred, numpad 5 will be barred.
  • Will be in contact with ePBT to see if they can do numpad barred on F and J.
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Praying for barred :peposmile:

Good luck with the project!

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Not as great as burgundy but still interested. :slight_smile:

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Small thing, you’ve got one R3 1u to support ANSI 1800 numpad with the ISO keys but someone can’t do ISO 1800 numpad with just a single extra R3 1u. Technically could use one more R2 1u to do 1800-style numpad on a fullsize but that’s more niche.