[IC] F62-PE keyboard by Alf re-run



[IC] F62-PE keyboard by Alf re-run

Original GB link: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=96650.0


Recently saw someone with a F62-PE IRL, CNC’d by ALF, and very bumped out that I didn’t get into this hobby sooner. Well, I got in touch with the guy behind ALF (Xuxian), and he told me he could make a batch of F62-PE, with an MOQ of 20, which would cost $390 + shipping for the whole kit.


  • 7° typing angle
  • QMK compatible Immersion Gold PCB
  • Aluminum plate
  • Titanium plated screw
  • Detachable Mini B. Cable not included.

Additional Details

These are from Xuxian himself. I can add more details if you have questions.

  • There were only three rounds of these keyboards, less than 50 of them in total
  • Top and bottom of case is equal in height, split in middle
  • The case itself weight a freaking 4KG
  • The keyboard can be shipped in 60 days.
  • If anyone is interested, I can work with a local Cerakoat vendor to get more colours than the grayscale. Won’t be cheap though.

To share your interest for this GB, please comment below

Who’s running this

I am a programmer, with two kids, situated in Hong Kong, and started using mechs for about 3 years now. Started to get serious this year and now settled on a 30g capacitative keyboard…for now. I realised that the coolest keyboards are all GBs and limited in quantity. So, I got in touch with some manufacturers and see if they can re-run some stuff. Anyways, if this run is successful I can probably do this part time and make pretty keyboards a bit more accessible. Cheers.


This is perhaps the fanciest tray mounted board I’ve seen :eyes:

I like it


I like it as well, very reminiscent of a Kishsaver! :ok_hand:


I’d probably go in for one


That case is lit. Will there be a hot swap option?


I’ve always liked this board. However, for those who love the style and can’t hack the premium price tag, there is always the Saver case from @keyboardbelle

Shameless plug for her here, since I love her products:

Apologies for thread hijack. Just an option for people w/o money to spare at the moment.

The cases sound very nice as well. FYI


Holy crap, that case is offered in so many colors!


Nope, not hot swap PCB.


I’m definitely in if you can get this going! I love the kishsaver, but I also need my fancy colorways and minila layouts.

The best of both worlds!


Would there be any plans to make this support generic 60% pcbs like the GH60?


For this IC that would be a no. The case has a break out daughter board that is specific to the board.


Could the daughterboard be rigged to work with any pcb even if extra steps are required? I don’t mind getting my hands dirty with soldering if need be.