[IC] Fokrere 82 keyboard kit

Fokrere 82 Keyboard Kit Album: https://imgur.com/a/H9I1dM9
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Integrated mount
Aluminum 6063
Single backlight
G3 Software (A software work like QMK but more convenient)

Keyboard Color: White Black Orange Purple-(Electrophoresis process) Blue Green
Keyboard Angle: 5degrees
Keyboard size:36215131mm
Weight of the kit:1.7kg

The standard kit comes with:
*Aluminum alloy case * 1
*Solder PCB * 1
*Plate Mounted Stabilizers
*Brass Name badge

Note: Wireless version allows 5000 mAh battery (Battery compartment size 160804mm), you need to purchase it yourself. Bluetooth 5.1.
Price: Around USD$250 + shipping+ Paypal fee
Estimated GB: Middle September
If you have any questions, please feel free to comment. :wink:

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Will there be foam for plate and case? :slight_smile:

Sorry, no

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For real?!? Oh happy days!

sure :smile: