[IC] FR4 Switch mod station

Welcome to my first Interest Check.

I first got into keyboards about a year and a half ago, and I’ve been diving deeper and deeper as time passes. I now find myself lubing and opening switches quite a bit. This led me to look into mod stations, I know it’s quite easy to get acrylic ones lasercut, however I felt the need to have something more durable. After watching a few streams and seeing quite a few posts of acrylic cracking, I decided the better route would be FR4 (PCB) material.

Please fill out the form below if you’re interested or would like to chip in your .02 cents

I look forward to hearing from everyone.



Looks cool! What price is estimated?

Have you considered adding brush/vials holders and stem holders similar to this?


Isnt the nice thing with an acrylic mod station that the switches doesnt clip in so its easy to insert and remove them?

I’m waiting to receive the final files for pricing estimates, but my goal is for it to be under $50 shipped.

I did not, because I wanted something simple and that is feature to solve a problem that I personally do not have.

Looks good! Best of luck with it bro :+1:

Definitely interested in this! Been meaning to get a switch modding station for quite some time now & this one looks perfect for me. The fact that acrylic is fairly easy to crack or break is honestly why I have not gotten one yet. As it stands I use a gutted KBparadise V60 case/plate for modding, but this looks to be a much better solution! :metal:

that is a good question, I’m willing to take the risk cause its purple >>

will def need to find out!

Quick update to answer some of the questions in the poll.

I’m hoping to have quotes in the next couple of weeks for pricing. My goal is to have this be as affordable as possible.

I originally was going to create the top and separate bottom plate, but for the sake of affordability I will only offer a top piece. You may purchase two if you want to build a sandwich station.

In the set I will include screws and 8mm brass stand offs to raise the station. So far it looks like the two most popular color choices are purple and black. Depending on the MOQ/Cost breakdown I will likely be running both those colors.

I would also like to thank everyone for the interest and feedback so far!

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I would love to see something like this. This would be cool.

Make the FR4 2mm thick and they wouldnt be able to clip in fully. But would add some expense. It’s also really easy to pull switches out of FR4 imo.

cc @notG10

thank you for that! should prob try and quote the 2mm and see what the price diff is

I will look into that as an option for sure

I would be interested. I need a modding station and this one looks like it checks all the boxes.

Very interested, been looking for a nice modding station, id also be for adding the brush holder.


Not sure if this is still a thing, but interested