[IC] Fuels Your Sense Of Adventure - Fast Blue PBT Cherry Keycap Set, Pre-stock, Fast Delivery

Hello everyone!

This is Velocifire team. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you our newest product, Fast Blue - a brand new keycap set designed by CKW Studio. With its unique and personalized keycap design, unique color matching, we believe that it will impress you!



Unlike many sublimation keycaps that focus on novelty keycaps, Fast Blue seems to focus more on color. A few simple novelty keycaps are enough to embellish the entire keyboard.

The Fast Blue keycap set takes its color inspiration from the KTM motorcycle series, utilizing a blue and orange color scheme that exudes a strong sense of athleticism.

As the main colors, light gray blue and dark blue hue convey a sense of stability and confidence, while the energizing orange tones symbolize vitality and passion. This dynamic combination of blue and orange creates a sporty theme that turns your keyboard into a stage of speed and vigor.

With Fast Blue keycaps set, typing becomes a thrilling experience that fuels your sense of adventure!


  • Profile: Cherry

  • Thickness: 1.5mm

  • Quantity: 157 keys in a full set

  • Material: High content PBT semi-shading material

  • Process: Full five-sided heat sublimation



  • TTC switches

  • KTT switches

  • JWK switches

  • Kailh Box switches

  • Cherry MX cross switches

  • Gateron switches(G switches)

  • Do not support split backspace

  • Other types of customized switches

  • Logitech Omron switches and static capacitor switches are not applicable.

  • Keyboards of Logitech, Corsair, Razer, and RGB lamp beads may not be applicable.

Matching Layout

  • ISO

  • Alice

  • WKL


  • Stepped caps lock

  • 980 full size

  • 660 75% 80% 96

  • 60%, 65% (including 1,75U shift)

GB Info

GB Time: Early September 2023
Price: 55$
Sale Format: 130 sets only
Estimated Delivery Time: 15 days after GB ends



Regional Vendor

US: KeebsForAll
EU: Keygem
UK: Mechboards
Rest of the world: Velocifire

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