[IC] GMK 64

Hello everyone, this is an interest check for GMK 64 (open to name suggestions), a keyset inspired by the iconic C64 caps - for the first time in Cherry profile.

In my mind, the caps from the C64 are probably THE most memorable caps out there. They inspire a certain sense of rugged reliability and I feel that it is finally time to bring these unique beauties into the scene in a new way.

Cherry profile is obviously beloved by the community, and offers a unique new look to the set. For this reason I have decided to go in this direction, rather than encroaching on other designers Hi-pro runs. I feel that the tighter dimensions of Cherry will help to reimagine the iconic side-printed alphas, while maintaining their nostalgic feel.

The goal with this set is to keep cost, and the overall number of keys down. For this reason there will only be one kit. I have designed the set with small boards in mind. It is compatible with all 40% boards, most 50s, and with your help I hope to ensure it also has good compatibility in the 60% family.

The colours will not be custom, again in order to keep cost down. GMK has a beautiful dark brown which will work perfectly: BV is its code. The cream colour will be L9, the same used in 9009.

So, please let me know your thoughts. I appreciate any feedback.

I hope you are as excited as I am at the prospect of finally having a new take on this iconic set.

Link to kits:


I think it’s super cool, but… having a 40%-first, entirely-custom-legend GMK set in a font they haven’t ever used is, in a word, unlikely.

What would be good is if you can get a reverse- or all-over-dyesub factory like Keyreative to run it. Keyreative does Cherry, and I think that a set like this would also look really good in KAT.

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Thanks for the reply, that’s super helpful to hear. At this point anything is a possibility with this set. In terms of other profiles, I would love to go in the direction of MT3 although I’m not too sure how to go about that.


There is doubleshot ABS MT3 now, but the front legends would have to either be new molding (very expensive) or printed (not everyone’s cup of tea). If it was at all possible, MT3 would absolutely be the best profile for this set. I saw someone on the Reddit thread mentioning TEX ADA keycaps - while those are ABS lasered caps, they could be a good option for a lower-cost run of a set like this.

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I think side printing would be the way to go regardless of profile just to be realistic. I’ll look more into the MT3, it may have to be done through MD.

Those other caps look nice, but laser and uniform aren’t really the makings of a great set in my opinion.

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MT3 is Massdrop-exclusive - as far as I know, they own the molds. I’d recommend talking to an MD rep and seeing where you could go with front-printing and seeing if it’s a viable option.

Just sent a few emails, let’s see where this goes. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.

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How does this set differentiate itself from Retro other than keycap profile? I’d like to see either something that brings something new to the table or at least make sure you aren’t stepping on toes with this.

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It’s pretty obvious - the sublegends/possibly font which are the hallmark of the C64 caps, and the lack of colored modifiers. This is to the C64 what GMK Space Cadet is to, well, the Space Cadet. It’s a tribute set and I don’t think it’d get accused of colorway jacking.

Maybe I’m wrong but aren’t the sublegends the same on SA Retro? It was also available in just the brown monocolour option. Not trying to accuse, just want to make sure this was considered!

Just in case you were unaware, GMK Retro ran on Massdrop and didn’t hit MOQ:

If you run it as GMK, those renders show what it would look like. You are not going to get centered legends in a new font.


This was definitely considered. I certainly don’t want to step on any toes. Since this is an homage set, I wouldn’t say it’s encroaching on anyone’s creative IP, and the profile change is a big difference in my opinion.

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Yeah I was bummed that didn’t make it. I am not shooting for cantered legends or new moulds, and I want a stripped down kit with small boards considered above all else. Also, the colours used in GMK retro were way off from the original. I am hoping that the BV colour will ensure the set is more accurate to the original, and thus increase the potential draw.

To do light legends on dark caps, GMK needs to do doubleshot. This means any custom typeface, legend alignment, or new combination of legends/sublegends/side legends requires new molds. If you don’t intend to use a custom typeface or centered legends, the renders should not have them.

Yeah sorry about the cantered legends in the ‘renders’ should the set move forward in Cherry profile the renders will reflect the usual corner placement of the alphas.

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Cool, good to know.

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In hindsight I absolutely should have moved the legends in KLE, it absolutely just slipped my mind.

Love this. MT3 alpha/mods would be an automatic purchase for me, printed side legends is fine imo as they don’t get touched at all.

I actually didn’t know that a version of SA Retro ran with the front legends - I thought that Retro was a set with regular legends and custom novelities, and I didn’t know that GMK Retro ran and also failed.

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