[IC] GMK Alpine | A keycap set inspired by the Swiss alps

GMK Alpine

Welcome to Switzerland

GB: December 1st - January 12th

Have you ever been in the Alps and wanted to take a piece of it home with you? GMK Alpine is a Keycap set revolving around the beautiful Swiss Alps. In Switzerland not only do we enjoy hiking, skiing, climbing or touring the mountains but the many different mountain animals enjoy the peaceful life up there and the Farmers watch their livestock while the herd dog plays around in the grass. The Swiss mountains are a major part of my culture and something I would love to share with you. Even during tragic times, the Swiss alps helped defend Switzerland and gave anyone a hard time invading this beautiful country. They served as not only a shield but also as a bunker to keep the whole population safe. This is my way of capturing the magnificent alps.


The Novelties are based on real Mountains:
Esc is the Famous “Matterhorn”
Enter is from “Berner Oberland”: Eiger – Mönch – Jungfrau

This was a project that I was able to put a ton of time into because of quarantine and allowed me to truly put the beauty of the alps into my design.
I have spent much time practicing and growing my skills and truly hope you enjoy.

IC Form

Please share your feedback, opinions, and general thoughts on this set below. If you are interested, please fill out this IC Forum :)



For the colors I wanted a simple look that kind of resembles a mountain.
The 4012 is a gray with a hint of purple as to not make this a boring gray set.
The WS2 resembles the Snow and the beautiful Edelweiss, the national Swiss flower.

Renders (Done by me)

Nemui by Bachoo

Whiskey by Me

M60 by Rama


[size=14pt]Thank you so much to Virtual Designworks for the amazing art. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you and I love what you did![/size]


I’m very happy to announce that I will be working with Keebstuff on a limited number of high quality custom cables!
He puts amazing and careful work into each cable and they end up looking fantastic!

The cables will be coiled with the coiled side being Purple and the non coiled side will be white. They will come with LEMO Connectors (Made in Switzerland :D)!
You can see more pictures of the cable and his other awesome work on his Instagram


EU: Candykeys
NA: Kono.store
Asia: KBDFans
Australia: Daily Clack
UK: Prototypist
Canada: Ashkeebs


Additional information

High Quality Double-shot 1.5mm Thick ABS Cherry profile Keycap set.
Made in Germany by GMK Electronic design GmbH

To Do

  • Box Design



  • Added Nord Kit
  • Removed all “Lock”'s from keys. I hope GMK fix their molds.


  • Added Vedors
  • Added Keebstuff Collab


  • Added Deskmats


While there were a lot of people who gave feedback and helped with things, I would especially like to thank 1 person who helped me!

Imperfect Link:
Thanks for the countless blender questions which you answered, the cases you redesigned so they’d be easier to work with and reminding me that I should’ve used texture legends and good keycap geometry. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is very soothing. I’ll be following this as it progresses. Cheers!

I don’t understand why a set like this don’t have a Norde-kit.

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It’s coming, I just finished designing it. :smiley:

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There is a question for that in the IC form.

I just added Nord Kit :smiley:

Noo now I have to buy it. :upside_down_face:


This set looks amazing and should pair very well with my white boards! Looking forward to seeing progress on this set.

This is nice, tbh I’m surprised a set with these colors hasn’t already been done

Render looks great on the U-80, I’m definitely in for one.

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Thanks :smile:

Added some Updates!

All Vendors have been found!
I will be working with Keebstuff on some custom cables! There are some images of the Prototypes on the post, you can find more on his Instagram!

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Added GB Date :smiley:

December 1st - January 12th!

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Sign me up!

Yikes, the queue is so long to even have a group buy now? Realistically we’re not even going to see this set until 2022…

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I think it maybe could’ve been earlier? I just decided December so I have more than enough time to prepare future things like metal artisans and Deskmats without it getting in the way of Personal life now that quarantine is over for me! I chose December, it wasn’t a timeslot that was given to me by vendors :smiley:

Added Deskmat designs :smiley:

So excited for this

Definitely interested. :+1:

Added new higher quality, more color accurate renders!