[IC] GMK Apollo - Running February 25th!

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” - Neil Armstrong
GMK Apollo is here!

Hey all,
After tedious amounts of preparation and design, the interest check for GMK Apollo has finally arrived.
Inspired by the Apollo missions, I tried to center the entire kit around the moon landing and the moon itself, with the accents, mods, and alphas creating a moon/space-ey vibe.

The Group Buy will start on February 25th and will last 1 Month.

Here’s the color palette which was used for a visual reference:



Sample Renders:
Note that we did our best to make these renders are as accurate as possible, but just like any renders, the colors might not be 100% accurate :ok_hand:

Google Feedback Form:
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‘Command Module’ - Base

‘Telemetry Module’ - Numpad

‘Lunar Module’ - Novelties

‘Space Module’ - Spacebars

‘Propellant Module’ - 40’s/Ortho

‘Rocket Man’ - Rama Cap


45-ATS by Abec13

Think 6.5

- Deskmat -

- GeekHack IC Page -
Comments/feedback etc. on the post is greatly appreciated as it helps Apollo reach new people :slight_smile:
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/octixkb/
Discord: Octix

(In Alphabetical order)

  • Abec - Huge shoutout for the renders and feedback!
  • Aglir - Thanks for all the feedback :slight_smile:
  • David/CandyKeys - Gave extensive feedback and helped in all aspects of the production. Huge thanks!
  • Jude - Helped me with many aspects and refinement/feedback on the set
  • HoodrowThrillson - Thanks for answering all of my lengthy questions! Massive help
  • Everyone who gave feedback on the DailyDracc discord <3
  • 002 - Thanks for all the feedback and input on the set.
  • Anyone who I’ve forgotten!



I like what i see, nice color combination !

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I already commented on reddit, but I really love the color combo on this one. I’m in 100% This will also be the first desk mat I purchase from a keyset buy!

The only downside is that the GB is months away :frowning: (want it asap) :stuck_out_tongue:
Love it! Congrats!

Might actually bump it to February. That is if everything goes to plan :slight_smile:

Hey all!

Just wanted to update this page on KeebTalk as I haven’t updated it due to primarily feeding updates into the GeekHack page/Discord.

I’ve updated the original post with everything that’s new
Everything is now finalized and pricing is soon to be available.

If anyone has any questions feel free to leave them below.

Thanks again!