[IC] GMK Birch - GB opens February 2021

It’s time for a major update on GMK Birch.


The group buy for GMK Birch will run during February 2021 at these wonderful vendors:

US: CannonKeys.com

SEA: Monokei.co

EU: MyKeyboard.eu

UK: Prototypist.net

CA: DeskHero.ca

AU: DailyClack.com

CN: zFrontier.com


After launching the Birch IC in July, I took time to revamp Birch’s novelty kit. The new novelties better capture interior design trends during the mid 20th century while complying with GMK custom legend requirements.

As a reminder, here is the base kit and the spacebar kit. These have changed slightly (physical ISO in base, more spacebars).

Credit to u/ogWalker for these kit renders.


Please enjoy these new renders of GMK Birch on the Dawn - designed by my good friend u/crykn of Finite Design, who have a Discord server - and the Iron180 by Smith + Rune. Major thanks to Manzel for these wonderful keyboard renders.

You can also see GMK Birch on a Kyuu and the Fjell by Mechanisk. Big thanks to walker for the fantastic work.


Some of your questions may be answered in the Common Questions section on Geekhack. Don’t let that stop you from asking away in the Interest Check survey!


If you’re interested, please fill out the Interest Check survey.

For more details, check out the Geekhack post.

You can also join my Discord server or message me at break#8888.

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Very excited for this! Will be one of my first GMK sets.


no norde kit?

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excited for this and i will most probably join the GB!

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Thank you all for the love!!

no norde kit?

I really want to offer one, but it’s looking like it will need to be bought out. If you’re interested in one, though, please drop feedback on the form!