[IC] GMK Black (CR) Ergodox/Planck kit

I’m probably not alone among Ergodox users in wishing I had the option to use more GMK sets. In particular, to my knowledge no sets thus far that have used black (color code CR) as a base have offered an Ergodox kit at all. There are quite a few such sets: Miami Nights, Demonic, Signal (Blue on Black), Originative/White on Black (currently on Massdrop), etc. There are also other sets, such as the current Monochrome group buy, that could easily use it. So, I would like to get a CR Ergodox kit produced.

Here is my proposed kit:

The accent colors match Miami Nights, Demonic, and Signal. I’d be open to adding a fourth if enough people want one and can agree on which one, but three is fine with me. The 2/3/4 profile for the thumb cluster 1u keys isn’t really standard, but it provides coverage for Planck/Preonic with only 1 additional key needed (R4 2u) which reduces the overall cost of the kit. I’ve put 2/3/4 on my Ergodox and didn’t really notice much of a difference; however, I don’t actually use the columns of 1u keys in the thumb clusters much at all. They could be the more standard 2u everywhere but it would require adding four R2 keys plus a pair of R3 and R4 keys for Planck support (8 keys total). Obviously, adding more keys will raise the price, and 8 keys is about 16% of the current size.

Speaking of pricing, it’s still TBD since it will depend on the final constitution of the kit. Being standalone, it will be a bit higher than Ergodox child kits. I am already organizing proxies to handle the transactions for the USA, Europe, and hopefully Asia. This is one of the questions on the form, so that I can let them know the number of potential kits sold.

I would like to run the GB in a week or two and here is a form to register your interest in it, along with options you would prefer:

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So in for this.