[IC] GMK Coniferous Round 2 - Need Feedback, November Maybe?

Are the alphas a cream/bone white or beige? It’s hard to tell

Beige. You can get a feel for the colors in different lights from this album

So, here’s the current state of things:

Base kit

Spacebars kit

Novelty kit

Bonsai kit

These are the kits we’re currently planning on running. Monotone mods was dropped because there simply wasn’t the interest needed for it to hit MOQ, and because I thought that the price at which I’d have to offer it, due to GMK’s prices and the current exchange, was unreasonable for what it is. Since that is gone, the Bonsai kit has also lost its spacebar to cut cost slightly since compatibility with the Monotone kit was the reason it was there.

Unfortunately I couldn’t have novelties both included in the Base kit and in their own kit while sharing an MOQ due to how GMK’s system works. Because of this, I’ve kept them separate in order to keep them accessible outside of buying the Base kit. This increases the cost a little due to having their own kit, but I felt it was more important to have them be accessible rather than stuck inside another kit.

No prices just yet since I need to finish nailing them down after the kit adjustments, but I will say that for the most part they should be entirely reasonable based on the keys included and the current state of GMK pricing and EUR->USD conversion. I’m also going to be running this GB different from the previous two I’ve run. Due to issues with invoices being paid on time at the end of the GB period during the previous two, payment will be required when you submit an order. I had been running the pre-order system in order to help people out who couldn’t pay until the end of the buy period, but mostly it just caused more issues with invoices being paid in a timely manner. This should also help with order confirmations not being sent from the pre-order plugin I had been using.

Now is a good time to ask any questions you may have.


Cryptic, but I like where this may be headed! I need some GMK Coniferous in my life & would much rather have the compatibility Rd.2 will offer than having to eventually hunt down a Rd.1 set!

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idk if this is going to make MOQ tbh.

Don’t hold your breath, this is what he said on the Geekhack thread:

There’s a bit before I’m planning on running this since Camping in Japan is going to happen soon and there’s a fair amount of overlap with them being green sets with some sublegends.

That said, I’ve also been waiting for this set to come back around. I ended up buying a used R1 set when the first R2 GB didn’t go through and it’s one of my favorites. Don’t think I’d buy the base kit again but the novelty and bonsai kits would be fantastic. Looking forward to it @donutcat!

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Perhaps I should have been a bit more specific in my wording, I’m thinking it can still be this year with Camping iirc aiming for September/October. The kits are pretty much ready to go with minor adjustments, and it seems like GMK prices have dropped from last year with the EUR:USD conversion also looking favorable.


Fantastic! Thanks for the details :smile:

I do feel like that timeline would put this before (and/or very close to) Camping though, considering that kingnestea hasn’t finalized the kits, is still working on a RAMA collab, and hasn’t contacted GMK about pricing yet. Unless some of that has been done and just not announced on the GH thread.

Here have a poll https://www.strawpoll.me/18594702

I’m probably going to add the R3 `@ key for UK-ISO, but I’m curious if there’s enough desire for the R3 \| key for US-ISO to bother adding it.

Also I’m curious for feedback on the current kits to see if there’s anything else that should be considered for changing. Pro gamer tip: don’t say “Take the numpad out of the base kit”.

BTW, considering a possible November GB period depending on if it looks like there’s enough interest and the response from GMK is good.

Given the current saturation of GMK sets, I’m running another poll to gauge overall interest in the set. I really want to run it, but I’m also really not at all sure about its chances in the current GMK “climate”. I figure if there seems enough interest to hit MOQ I’ll move more towards getting it ready, little interest and I’ll let it simmer a bit behind the scenes before trying to get it out.


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