[IC] GMK Dandy

Hi! Welcome to the GMK Dandy Interest Check!

After my initial two offerings being darker sets, I wanted to put some efforts towards something lighter.

I follow a more simple design philosophy, and like for my keysets to reflect it. Subtle but with a little something to it.

While it might be boring to some (which is understandable), with some of the wilder sets and themes, I feel there is enough space for both types to flourish; complex and simple, and there should be sets that cater to all crowds.

Dandy features a few of the more subtle, slightly warmer stock colors from GMK, and draws simple inspiration for colors from dandelions.

Some renders for your ocular enticement, done up by ogWalker



Nirvana by ogWalker


Kits (Not Finals, but a good idea of how I might like to structure the kits)

Would like to offer two deskmats, similar in design but slightly different in colors, which should provide a nice (busy but non-distracting) backdrop for your beautiful keyboards and photos.

Some Q&A:

Stock 3B - N6 - L9

Numpad subs / pad print?
Keeping it clean.

Ne alt alphas avail? 40’s/Ortho? Subs?
Depends on interest and vendor(s) but not likely.

Why is the novelty designed this way?
I like to keep it simple and clean. A little more relatable in general rather than being too specific. In this case didn’t want to over complicate the flower design and have it look too “flowery”.
Looks like a flower (or maybe even a clover) if you want it to, but not forcing the idea, so it can safely act as a nice accent/mark/icon/novelty for the set, and a nice design for the deskmat. This design will be featured across some of ogWalker’s sets and my own. We very much hope you like it! Sour x Walker Petal .

Similarity to other green GMK sets - Camping, Lime, TA Royal Alpha, Olive?
Other than having green alpha legends, they are mostly not mono sets. GMK Dandy features a different green, a different white, icon mods, different theme, and some yellow accents too.
Although TA had mono addons - I feel GMK Dandy still holds it’s own, looks clean and different enough. Always more than happy to reach out to other designers if you feel there might be any issues.

More renders on the way! (Putting this man to work, as we adjust and fine tune a couple things)

Biggest possible shout out and thank you to ogWalker, couldn’t have done this without you. We had some good fun working on these renders too!

[EU] Vendor & Proxy - ProtoTypist

Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for your time and consideration! Have a dandy day!

GMK Dandy IC From


Nice and understated, I like it a lot. The yellow accents really work. This would look really classy on any nice board. I’m def interested.

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Some new eye candy

Also gathering feedback / interest on potential new kits, let me know

Geekhack thread is here

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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