[IC] GMK Dark

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Introducing GMK Dark,
Designed for low-contrast and high-compatibility with many keyboard layouts and existing GMK keysets


Welcome to the Dark. This classic colorway combines the beauty and simplicity of OEM black-on-black keysets with the German precision of GMK plastic. The N9 dark grey base and black CR legends of this set makes for a great combination with a number of existing GMK alpha and modifier keycaps. Murder out your keyboard with GMK Dark

This set will be run through TheKey.Company (US), Switchkeys (AUS), and CandyKeys (EU)
Stay tuned for more updates

Included keycaps
(color-accurate renders provided by janglad)

Base kit

Numpad kit

Icons kit

Deviant kit

Iso kit

Renders of GMK Dark combined with some notable existing GMK keycap sets:
DISCLAIMER: This set will not come with any colored accent or modifier keycaps,

GMK Dark alphas with GMK Sky Dolch mods and accents accents

GMK Dark alphas with GMK Violet Tendencies mods

GMK Dark with GMK Terminal alphas

GMK Dark alphas with GMK Terminal mods and accents

GMK Dark alphas and mods with GMK Skidata accents

GMK Dark alphas with GMK Skidata mods

thank you to pngu for the free render service!


  • updated pricing from GMK
  • collect feedback
  • identify potential vendors
  • schedule groupbuy
  • banderole design
  • more fancy renders
  • forum banner design
  • hype and launch

Was in on Geekhack and am in here. This set is needed, imo.

Agreed. Probably not for me, but I’m surprised we haven’t seen some variation of this yet.

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Dark on Dark in ABS instead of PBT? Count me in!

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Count me in for base + deviant!

Terminal alphas + terminal mods :heart:

Count me in. I’ve got my eye on this. :slight_smile:

I am also in!