[IC] GMK Dots 2

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The most minimalistic of minimalistic sets is back, now in dark & light colorways.

Group buy info

February 2021


  • Novelkeys
  • Oblotzky Industries
  • Zfrontier
  • Monokei
  • DailyClack
  • DeskHero
  • SwagKeys
  • Prototypist

ABS double-shot

Same as R1 except for alpha & mods legends for light kits.




Rama artisans

Thanks to @Oblotzky for the renders.


Cool! Finally. This is probably gonna be the first GB I join.


A 2u Spacebar in the rainbow would be nice…

I am really digging the light.

What is the black and white used on the set?

I didn’t take the plunge the first time but I have to this time this is amazing


Hooray! Thank you.

I am ready


let’s see that mix of light and dark!

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Got both base and ergo last go around. Gonna have to pick up a light kit!

The rainbow kits look good.

Bought r1, buying r2. I just need more dots in my life.

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I am so ready for this

My wallet on the other side…

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If there is a proxy in Europe, i can be in :slight_smile:

Oblotsky Industries is the EU proxy.

I mindlessly clicked on this post when I first saw it and THEN realized that it was Dots R2. YES! Normally I am a keyset-deskmat hater but these are amazing and match the set so well! Very excited to see this set come back so people don’t have to pay 300+ on the aftermarket… Will definitely be joining.

The real question is light or dark theme?

As a dots first-timer, I’m casting my vote for dark, mostly to match my D60 and possibly Bella.

por que no los dos

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porque my wallet will cease to exist

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