[IC] GMK Firefly


Outdoors feat. fireflies in various lighting:

Indoors, sunlit office:

The kits

Base - flat lighting

Numpad+Spacebars - flat lighting

Icon extension kit
40s kit
NorDeUK kit


For the colors I went with all RAL, and tried to keep it within the Plastics series.
As the plastics series is limited, I also ventured into the design series, but it won’t pose a problem during the color matching process.


Top to bottom: Firefly, Metropolis, Nord, Dracula

Dates, vendors and pricing
Date: TBD

Asia: TBD

Pricing: TBD
MOQ: 250

Max (CableCarDesigns) - Prophet and Cypher keyboards
Yuktsi (TGR) - Alice and 910 keyboards
Tesletron (GreenwaldDesigns) - Lumina keyboard
Otani - Supported me throughout the whole journey, from idea to IC
+Feedback from friends both in private and in public, you know who you are - thank you so much!

Special shoutouts to
Macsurfy - The INSANE renders, as well as being there from day 1 and assisting me with this in all aspects.


while I like the set a decent bit, those outdoor renders are amazing!

I would love to see a render with some colder (office) lighting. The colours of the copper render eg seem very warm. So If you could model a blueish lightsource that would be amazing.

Beautiful, Emir.

I don’t need to see more. I have faith in this set. I’d be in.

Looks like a nice kit. Why are caps lock and tab a different color than the rest of the mods?

Looks awesome!