[IC] GMK Flow

I’m really bad at writing things about my work, stuff like backstory, inspirations and such are not really my thing, so I’ll just get to the point.

This is GMK Flow


GMK Flow uses GMK’s WS1 for the alphas, and 2 custom colors, the custom colors might change a bit, but this is the general idea


I want to keep the set as cheap as possible, while still providing compatibility for most layouts.

The first iteration of the kits is similar to what you might have seen on GMK Minimal.

In addition to the Base kit, and the ISO + Num kit, I would also like to add a spacebar kit in the future.

Base Kit

ISO + Num


rama.works M60-A

TGR Alice

idb 60 WKL

ION Xeno

CableCarDesigns Cypher

Thank you for taking a look at my IC, I hope you like my set. Let me know what you think in the comments, feedback is very welcome.

If there is any interest at all for this, I will be posting a google form to gather feedback.


Seattle Sounders fans are gonna love this one, myself included.

Big fan of this colorway, definitely interested in picking up a set when available.

Hmm… this or Merlin? Maybe BOTH?

love the colors, im down.