[IC] GMK Forge (formerly Burnt Orange)

Hey everyone! In an attempt to break out of the norm of white alphas with colored mods, I bring to you GMK Burnt Orange. This will be a simple set with no theme so hopefully it will keep the price low. All RAL/Pantone colors have been picked out and ready to go. However, I’d love to hear suggestions on kits or colors. Thanks in advance!

Google IC Form

Renders by Kingk22

Kit layout

Please fill out the IC form so I can get a better idea of who is interested! Thanks!

To do:

  • Review suggestions/interest
  • Finalize Kits
  • Bring to vendors
  • Possibly talk to Artisans/cable makers

Do you have any renders on a white board by chance?

I do not. Maybe I can get one at a later date if there’s enough interest.

I must say I am digging this colorway. And I second the request for a white board render if/when possible.

Keep up the good work!

Finally, the Goku sets that i’ve been seeing in /r/keycapdesigners gets a render!

All joeky jokes aside, hope this does well!

I would definitely be interested in seeing this set run!

This is pretty close to Goku’s gi colors & I would kill for a DB themed GMK set! :sunglasses:

Hmmm, I wonder if a warmer color for the modifiers would make the keycap set more pleasing. These slightly cold and blueish modifieres IMHO don’t fit to the burnt orange of the alphas. Maybe use something red-ish. burgundy, brown-ish or a warm dark grey instead?

And thanks for including alternatives to the white accents! Especially the white Escape seems to be in conflict with the dark F5-F8, at least in my opinion.

Otherwise I like the set. Reminds me of Mars.

Oh, and is there a way to participate in the IC without having to become a Google customer?

Requiring people to login with Google to just fill out the IC form is IMHO rather unfriendly. I also makes the questionnaire non-representative since it filters out anyone who is not a Google customer.

Sure, I can take it off. The reason why it asks if you’re a google customer is because I limited the form to one response. That’s the only way Google can ensure that happens.

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Thanks for the explanation about the reasoning!

I dig this, feels kinda like a reversed Carbon

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I think the blues help make it a bit more neutral. I’ll play around with some other colors but I don’t want to create the same Mars set that pixelpusher has. I’ve updated the accents keys to have the orange legends rather than the blue legends so they don’t contrast as much. Let me know what you think!

Haha I used to love DBZ growing up. Not sure if we can do it due to copyright laws though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Done! Let me know what you think! This will probably be it for renders for now. I think if there’s more interest, I’ll start working more on the kits. Let me know what you think of the accent legend change too!


Wow, the white render is killer. Definitely getting into this one if/when it happens.

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I see. Hmmm.

Sorry, was not able to find information or a picture of that set. The only Mars keycap set I found was a gradient one by caps-unlock(.com). (And the Godspeed Ares colorway is more like inverse compared to this.)

IMHO definitely an improvement, thanks!

I’m trying to hone in on which orange might have the broadest appeal. Please vote and help me out! Appreciate it!

Huge updates made to the GH thread. Please take a look over there and leave some feedback!


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