[IC] GMK Fundamentals

Hello Keebtalk, today I am announcing GMK Fundamentals, a new keyset that I have been working on with a few friends. Hope you guys enjoy it!

I present to you GMK Fundamentals:

Design & Inspiration
Inspiration for this set came from the love of classic looking sets like Muted, Honeywell, Royal Alpha, Triumph Adler, Classic Retro!


Kit Design
Base Kit
Support standard layouts, UK ISO Support, Full Size, TKLs, 75s, 65s, WKL boards etc!

Additional Kit
Split bars, F13, Alice B, 40s Support.


Evolv by NathanAlphaMan

Sakura660 by Satisfactory Designs

Iron180 by Smith & Rune

Anubis by N.rdy


Running: TBA
US: Space [SpaceCables]
CA: AuraMech
EU: Proto[Typist]
AU: SwitchKeys

Artisan Collaboration:
If you make artisans are are interested in making some artisans for this set feel free to hit me up!

Custom Cables by SpaceCables

Many thanks to the following for your help and support during the design of this set:

Bottom Klunk for the love and help with this set!
My Discord for all the feedback and support everyone has given me in there!
NathanAlphaMan for helping me out with these amazing renders of the set, your renders are insane!!!
N.rdy for the dope renders of the Anubis!
Sour for the advice and designs for the set!
PhantomTaco for all the help with the accent colors!

Full Album of renders!

Next Steps
Add more renders
Get a feedback
Adjust kits
Talk to Artisan Makers about making artisans for the keyset

Check for Updates on my Discord


I would also like to point out that the set has been up on Geekhack for about a week now and I have been working on improving the kits. Here are the changes made so far.

Changes so far:

  • Removed R1 1u Mod Colored Pipe Key
  • Added R3 1.25u Tab key & Second B to Base Kit
  • Reworked Additional kit to provide way more support for 40s/ortho users
  • Added 2x 1.5u Super keys & extra 1u Alt key to the additional kit for tsangan users who would prefer to use these keys
  • Created Spacebar kit that offers support for split space boards

Users mentioned that they are interested in adding accent colored spacebars to the set, I’m a bit hesitant since there are 3 accent colors in the base kit. If I add accent colored bars to the spacebar kit that would add a minimum of 6 extra spacebars to the kit (only offering support for 6.25u & 7u). I don’t really want to make the spacebar kit that big, but if there is enough interest we can figure something out.


Anyone buy from space cables? I was thinking of getting into the gmk fundamentals gb, but this would be my first gmk gb and I am a bit hesistant in trusting a site that doesn’t seem to get much press on this forum (not trying to knock space cables in anyway).

Space Cables is totally trustworthy, they make some great products and run group buys all the time.


My Space Cables experience has been completely the opposite. I ordered the Hennessey cable off Drop a while ago. After it arrived after a lengthy covid delay I discovered it doesn’t work at all with a Mac. Their support guy seemed to want to blame something about a USB spec, but I’ve never had any trouble with any other USB cable. On the other hand it does look really nice, I’ll just need to buy a Windows box so I can use it.