[IC] GMK Grey on Black

Picked up from GMK Doom after getting permission from CapsUnlocked, I’m looking to resurrect the previously doomed GB into something wonderful. I’m looking to still have Cartel run this set since they were the original vendors and really put a bunch of effort into this set, so I still think they deserve to benefit from it.

This is the current kit mockup that I’m in talks with Cartel over. Most of the adjustments have been made including voting in favor of text-only mods and no other accent kits.

At this time I’m still looking for a little feedback while we’re communicating to get this ball rolling.


Looks really good. This would be perfect for a stealthy, batmanesque build. Great choice on the inverted accents.

Hmm, maybe GMK Dark Knight? Or GMK Gotham?

looks like a fleshed out version of GMK exent and a re-hash of GMK Doom which didnt do too well.

That being said, I really like the idea of it and hope to see it come to fruition - and I especially like the full UK ISO support in the base pack as well.

Looks really nice, could work great on the Kira keyboard that is coming my way.