[IC] GMK Iron Brew


Sorry if this seems a little rough around the edges for now, because it pretty much is. I’ve never attempted to create a keycap set before, so this is all new to me. I’ve been around in the UK scene for a good while now though, mostly on the MKUK Discord, so hopefully people from there can attest that I’m not a complete lunatic.

I’ve always liked the colour combination of orange and blue, having used it for various projects over the years, and I noticed that there wasn’t a combination of these available within the keycap market. I started trying out a few different colours and layouts, and I’ve reached something that I’m now happy with, although I will happily hear any and all feedback on the design.

The Design

While trying out various combinations of Orange and Blue, I noticed that it looked similar to a carbonated soft drink of a similar name to that I have chosen. I looked into various options for the caps and the legends, however, I think what I’ve ended up with strikes a good balance between style and legibility. It could also possibly allow for people to go with just a blue and white set, should there be enough demand for this, as the orange accent keys could also be made available in blue.

Without any further waffling on, here is the design that I’ve reached, thus far:

I would love to hear your feedback on this keycap set design, including any wishes or desires for sets or keycaps to be included. I think there could be a few fun novelties that could match this set, should this be desired. Sorry that there aren’t too many details as of present, as I mainly want to use this to gauge general interest first.

I would also be happy to accept help with running this, should there be enough demand, from any vendors or previous GB runners.

I’d appreciate it if you could fill in this Google Form if you are interested: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1U-gaBTLduAxj4jX8in9t5sQOMBjt7B4mf6lP1W3ZY1k/


Needs a big-ass BRU enter key!

I too am a big fan of the orange/blue combo, but it’s hard to make it work without being gaudy.

This kit reminds me of that set posted on r/keycapdesign based on the old ice world lego sets. Could get some great novelties from that too.

Ooh, this looks like an Edmonton Oilers keycap set - I’d be in if it becomes a group buy for sure!

Go Knicks?

Gators too, but not quite enough orange and blue for Gators fans

Go Flames.

I personally would prefer a pastel orange and blue, but don’t listen to me, its your set.

I think it needs more orange. Definitely an orange space Barr.

That or less orange, have the orange caps an optional highlight kit, but then it’s not really Irn Bru is it?

That may work better, to be honest, but then it’d lose the Irn Bru inspiration. I’ll try a few styles out again and see what looks good.

I’ll look into additional orange accents soon, and see what would be viable. I did like how you could use this as a standard blue and white kit too, without the orange, so perhaps your suggestion could work.