[IC] GMK Korean Beige Add-on Kit

Group Buy - June 21st to July 19th!

It’s a very simple set, featuring Korean sublegends in a beige color scheme. It will work with basically any beige set you’ve seen (GMK, OG Cherry, etc.). It’s easier to say “if it isn’t L9 alphas, then it won’t be compatible”.

Quick information:

  • Price - $45/€39/65 SGD/70 AUD
  • MOQ - 150
  • Compatible with beige keysets
  • GMK Doubleshot
  • L9 base, CR legends


Questions & Answers:

Q - Will you add any more keys?
A - No - the kit is final.

Thanks to Janglad for putting up with my questions about GMK, and trg1234 & P0T0FGR33D for feedback on the kit.


Nice, I’m totally down with this project as I have really wanted to see a GMK Hangul set as long as I’ve been in the hobby! I filled to IC out, I think the num/punctuation row should be left out if it even comes close to doubling the price. It would be a nice addition if not so expensive, but the alphas & pipe key cover all the keys that have sub legends in a Hangul set so just running those keys to keep costs low makes perfect sense to me.


This is amazing! I’ve been waiting for a hangul set, this’ll scratch the itch for now




To be quite honest, I’ve always been wondering why there hasn’t been many projects with Hangul since I got into this hobby. Definitely want to join, but don’t have sets to go with beige.

Does anyone know if GMK Pristine is L9?


Update #3:

Quote from: xondat on Fri, 26 April 2019, 13:27:25

Happy to announce the vendors for this project:

North America: NovelKeys
Europe: Mykeyboard
Asia: ilumkb.com
Oceania: Daily Clack

Dates & local prices will be announced soon :thumb:

Update #2:

Quote from: xondat on Mon, 01 April 2019, 07:42:28

Hi guys,

GMK got back to me about the |\₩ keys, and I’ll be adding both the R2 1.5u and the R1 1u. Please see the revised kit below:


This is the final kit.

I have found two vendors in NA and EU to run this too. I’m currently looking for a Asia/KR proxy, so once that has been found, I’m sure I’ll be able to announce who the NA/EU vendors are :thumb:

Update #1:

Quote from: xondat on Wed, 27 March 2019, 15:25:54

Thought I’ll give a post 24 hour update. I have no idea if it’s a lot, but there were 120 responses.

81% would like the R2 1.5u pipe key with ₩, so I will get it added to the kit. I’ll also ask about the possibilities of added a R1 1u version too.

61% said no to the punctuation and numbers. I’m fine with that - It would raise the kit price probably by 80%, and open it up to not that many more people (who knows how many of the 61% would join if they were added too).

I’ll start speaking to vendors too. If anyone has recommendations, let me know! I will definitely be looking for US, EU, and Asia.

From Geekhack :sweat_smile:


Updated the OP.

Group buy goes live in 6 days!! :+1:

I wish GMK and others would use a better looking Hangul font. Current one is too wide and blocky.

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GMK’s tooling for the doubleshot hangul caps does have the sub legends looking a little funny compared to other hangul kits. Although I’ll take that over pad printed sub legends anyday!

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does this match the Hagoromo Oblivion set color?

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Ever forget a website exists? Yeah me neither.

GB is in progress… Ends Friday.


Just made it in for a set, almost forgot it ended today! Thankfully NovelKeys sent out an update email today that reminded me. :relieved:

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Yep guys, final day to join. Thanks all!



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Yeah I have a feeling this is gonna be a buy a lot of people will be kicking themselves for not joining once the sets get in the wild. I was thinking about it before pulling the trigger on buying a set & really I can’t think of a single GMK set that wouldn’t match well with this. I really want to try it with Jamon & Oblivion V2 GIT mods.

that’s already me lmao


All vendors have lots of extras :wink:

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