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GMK Lazurite, an allusion to High Renaissance art and the value of the pigment ultramarine

Hello everyone! This keycap set is inspired by my curiosity about the color ’ blue ’ and my love for Renaissance art. :D This is my first time designing a keycap set so please bear with me.

‘Blue’ was an extremely expensive pigment in ancient times. In order to create this pigment, painters had to grind up the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli , and turn it into ultramarine , a deep blue pigment priced at the same value as gold during the Renaissance period . Ultramarine came from Latin “ultra marinus” which means “beyond the sea” as the lapis lazuli required to create the pigment is imported from Badakhshan, Afghanistan. Because of this, the pigment was only used for the most important subjects of paintings in Europe at the time. It became the hallmark of Renaissance paintings created by many historical painters of that period.

GMK Lazurite Group Buy is LIVE
MAY 7, 2021 to June 5, 2021

KBDfans x Lazurite D60Lite GROUP BUY is LIVE
MAY 7, 2021 to June 7, 2021

GMK Lazurite Kits & Accessories Price List


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Geekhack IC thread
You will be able to check all keyboard renderings and collaboration pieces for GMK Lazurite inside the thread or Discord Server

Set Colorway and Kits Explanation
Here is the summarized breakdown of how the set looks like in terms of colors:

For people who want minimal colors (ultramarine blue and white)
Lazurite (Base): blue alphas, white mods
Calcite (Alternate Alphas): white alphas
Lapis (Spacebars): blue and white
High Renaissance Blue (Novelties 2): blue on white

For people who would like to accentuate their keycap set (ultramarine and gold)
Pyrite (Accent): blue on gold, gold on blue
High Renaissance Gold (Novelties 1): gold on blue

I have chosen to add the gold spacebars for the 40s community so you can also have accents for other keycap sets you might have.
Ultra (Extension): blue on white, gold

If you have been following this set all along, thank you very much for the wonderful support you have shown for Lazurite! You’re the best!


Base: Lazurite ($126)
Inspiration: lapis lazuli’s lazurite together with a calcite marble
-Ultramarine Blue Alphas
-White Mods
-Gold Accents

-Full-size layout
-60% HHKB/Tsangan
-Basic 40% (3-key support)
-Basic US ISO
-Alice layout (Shift keys, extra B)
-Barred and Scooped Homing Keys

Alternate Alphas: Calcite ($63)
An all white, minimalist alternative to Lazurite’s ultramarine alphas
Inspiration: pure calcite marble with a touch of ultramarine

-White Alphas
-Ultramarine Blue Legends
-Barred and Scooped Alphas Homing Keys
-Alice extra B
-Basic US ISO alphas

Spacebars: Lapis ($30)
Inclusion of 6.0u centered and off-centered, split bars and on a clean looking set of either Lazurite or Calcite

-centered and off-centered stems

Extension: Ultra ($38)
Inspiration: the 40% community, no need for a deeper meaning, I would just like to give love to the community.

-Blue Bars
-Gold Accents
-White Mods

-typical 40% layout

High Renaissance - Novelties Kits 1 and 2 ($60)
The idea is to create a paint frame design for your mechanical keyboards using the novelties, which will act as ‘borders’ on ortholinears, usual 40% layouts, 60%, 65%, 75%, 80%/TKL, Tsangan, HHKB, WKL, 1800 and full-sized keyboards. (almost all layouts are supported by both novelties kits)

Both High Renaissance Novelties kits 1 and 2 can complement the look of these two configurations:
-Lazurite base kit (blue alphas, white mods) and
-Lazurite base + Calcite alternate alphas (full white set)

High Renaissance (Gold)

High Renaissance (Blue)

These novelties are also intended to complement or accentuate other mono-tone sets (same-colored alphas and mods), the limit to what combinations these novelties kits cater to is your imagination

High Renaissance (Gold) | Novelties 1 will complement the ff. colors:
-saturated yellow
-blue (light)
-white (have a look at this GMK Civilizations x GMK Lazurite High Renaissance (Gold) Novelties render)

High Renaissance (Blue) | Novelties 2 will complement the ff. colors:
-white with any shade of blue-colored legends
-blue (light/dark shade) (have a look at this GMK Earth Tones x GMK Lazurite High Renaissance (Blue) Novelties render)

*both image renders I did have been granted permission to upload from both GMK Civilizations and GMK Earth Tones designers.

PATAG x Lazurite Desk Mats

-900mm x 400mm
-microfiber top
-stitched edges
-rubber base

-I have partnered Lazurite with a desk mat brand, PATAG that I founded last year
-PATAG is a brand geared towards promoting Filipino culture through our products (desk mats), with a commitment of sharing our profit to the local Filipino indigenous communities where designs are inspired from .
-Lazurite’s desk mats are distinct from what we design as a brand. Even so, I have decided, being a majority owner of this venture, that our brand will be sharing part of the desk mats’ sales profit to one of the art schools here in the Philippines to inspire local artists/designers in pursuing their talents.

Paint Frame Ultramarine ($25)

Paint Frame Calcite ($25)

Renaissance Ornament ($25)


KBDfans x Lazurite D60Lite Keyboard


RAMA WORKS x Lazurite

Swift Cables x GMK Lazurite

Geekhack thread: GMK Lazurite GH IC (GB page to follow, check link for all keyboard renders)
My Discord Server: Jaekeyed
Instagram: @jaekeyed


Oh man I love those novelties. I could go for a set in these gorgeous colors - and maybe another in burgundy or black, too.


Thanks man! :pray:

Updates 12/10/20
-3 desk mats actual sample photos uploaded (colors will still be matched and stitching for review)
-Renaissance Ornament Calcite sample photos to follow

  • Paint Frame Ultramarine
  • Paint Frame Calcite
  • Renaissance Ornament Ultramarine

-900mm x 400mm
-microfiber top
-stitched edges
-rubber base

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Same here, but those are some pretty fine lines to make with doubleshot. OP have you spoken with GMK about their ability to do such novelties in doubleshot?

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Hi there! Yes, all novelties can be made as per GMK’s design team. I shall update this post. Thank you for the question.


Nice, thanks for the reply! Those novelties are gonna be some beautiful caps then! I was worried with how fine some of the lines are that would push the novelties into needing to be pad printed to achieve the designs cleanly. Definitely looking forward to this set!

Appreciate your feedback brother! I have uploaded 3/4 desk mat design samples in GH thread, which also showcase the novelties’ designs. (colors will still be matched and stitching will be reviewed)

Let me include this here and post an update :slight_smile:


I am liking the gold on blue. :+1:

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Thank you! :pray:

This is really classy and well executed. I like it.

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Glad you liked it! :pray:

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Buckeys! (Philippines) x GMK Lazurite Artisan Keycaps

Maskara and Eerie Lazurite

Rogue Lazurite


Is that lazurite in KAT? hmm.

Looks nice, any chance to ditch the numpad from the base kit?

There isn’t any other profile of Lazurite yet. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I might keep them but as the set is still in IC stage, kitting changes might still happen along the way, especially after pricing quotation from GMK.

I think the artisan pics are real and not renders.
So it’s just some matching keycaps there…

Update 12/12/20
-Krapshop! (Malaysia) x GMK Lazurite Artisan Keycaps Revealed

Lapis Lazuli Cratto19

Calcite Cratto19


Resin Boy Project (Philippines) x Lazurite Resin Wrist Rest (WIP)

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