[IC] GMK Mizu (Update: GB Starts April 29th)


I am very happy to introduce GMK Mizu

Base kit

The base will cover most standard things such as 60%, HHKB, WKL, 75%, TKL, 1800, Full size.

Spacebar/Add-ons kit


Image Gallery

Satisfaction 75 by Upas

HBCP by Hineybush

M60-A by Rama

Xeno by Pwner

Just to settle this once and for all! And if you are really confused why this should even have to be posted, I am in the same boat.

E-white Alu with Navy enamel fill

Dark Navy Alu with (Glow In the Dark) enamel fill


GB Date: April 29th
US: Dixiemech
EU: CandyKeys
Oceania: DailyClack
Asia: zFrontier


Base Kit: $135
Spacebars: $30
Novelties: $50
Rama Caps:
Aluminum E-White with Navy enamel fill: $43
Navy Aluminum with glow enamel fill: $42

Base Kit: $207
Spacebars: $46
Novelties: $77

Base Kit: €130
Spacebars: €28
Novelties: €55

Base Kit: ¥939.0
Spacebars: ¥201.0
Novelties: ¥338.0
Base Kit: $155
Spacebars: $31
Novelties: $52


-Waiting on quotes for current kits!
-Waiting on quotes for new changes/additions (See new Google form)
-Forgot to mention the 1st img at the top of the polar bear/dog is the box art!

Both Google forms below help us tremendously if you have time to fill these out!

If you’re interested in this keyset please consider filling out this Google form, it really helps us see how many kits would sell

NEW Google Form with kit changes and additions

Special thanks

I’d like to say thank you so much to everyone who helped me with this project ;D

Design feedback: Pepsis-Cola, Dixie Chicks, Jang Lad, Alv
Renders: Jang Lad
Art: My sick as TITS girlfriend :thumb:


Love Avatar and love the color blue. Hope this goes to GB

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Man, those novelties are beautiful :star_struck:
I’m quite a minimalist kind of guy and not much into fancy novelties, but those got me interested :slightly_smiling_face:

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Really digging the deep navy on those modifiers as a pair for the pale blue on the alphas. Great job on the colors, best of luck getting GMK to match 'em!

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I’m in for it. This set looks amazing! Now I just need to find a good board to put it on!

Hahaha, that boards fantastic, but I was thinking some think like a 75%. Maybe a Xeno, I really want to get a Orange75, I think those things are fantastic. I would probably cerakote the board to match the set exactly!

Lol I love the orange 75 actually, sad I missed it. The Xeno also looks amazing! I’ll personally be putting Mizu on the Mlik M60-A if it makes it in GB!

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I addressed this in the IC form, but figured I should post here in case others agree with me: I think the accent colors are too creamy. I feel they would look better being a more pure white.

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I think it looks cool. Are there plans to do Ergo / Ortho caps for this set?

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The intention was for them to be a creamy white. The white is a standard GMK color WS1

It’s possible if enough interest is there for them. If you want to see Ortho/ergo please put it in the extra comments and suggestions at the bottom of the Google form.

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I like it a lot, but man it’s going to need some samples of the blue from GMK for sure. Just thinking about how it seems close to the blue that Nathan Kim is going for in the Mr. Sleeves addon kit, and it’s taken a lot of work to get something that looks not too blue and not too gray.

Looking forward to the progress of this set.

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For sure, I’m going to go through samples until were 100% happy with the color accuracy! Also I will be posting the samples once those start coming after GB :smile:

Also love Avatar and would get all the kits. Hopefully this does well enough to also garner fire, earth, and air theme’d kits as well!

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Looking forward to this set, I especially like the novelties a lot even though I didn’t watch the show/cartoon/anime.

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First I want to say thank you to everyone so far who has supported this project so far, I greatly appreciate all the feedback we have had! This community is fantastic :thumb:

Here is a new Google form with some possible changes/additions to some of the kits. Now I realize some of you won’t see changes you suggested reflected here but we cannot add everything that everyone wants. What you will find is the most popularly requested changes, I hope you all can take the time to fill this out as it really helps. Have good one guys!

We can only have 2 deskmat options for the GB. Cast your votes here:

Rama caps are here!


Awesome news for you guys and gals this morning! (well morning for some of you :D)

Group buy date is going to be April 29th and will be with these vendors!

US: Dixiemech
EU: CandyKeys
Oceania: DailyClack
Asia: zFrontier

Pricing and final kit updates are coming very soon! :thumb:

Thank you all for your patience and support everyone!