[IC] GMK Modern Dolch


Yes , kit design is being tweaked to be more “uniform” :wink:


Looks amazing, will definitely be in once this goes to GB.


@janglad it’d be great to see 1.5u Super keys in the base set. They’re in quite a few of the renders for hhkb layouts, but they’re not in the picture of the base set.


I actually would love those myself as well since I’m a Mac user but I’m afraid they won’t make it :expressionless: Custom colours raises price quite a bit so I’m doing my best to keep the kit light…


Ah I see, I’ve always wondered why gmk sets never come with those.


Count me in! Looks great. Love the addition of the redish tone accents :slight_smile:


Just added some more renders and a spacebar kit :wink:


Can we get a render with a white keyboard?




Will this kit have a 2u shift to be compatible with gk64? I ask cause I just got my gmk Honeywell and it doesn’t have a 2u shift, and that totally screwed me.


It will!!!


YESSS. NOW SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! And just to completely make sure, it is a 2u shift with space for stabilizers? Because the honeywell has what I beleive is a 2u shift but the spacing for the stabs makes it incompatible with the gk64 case. it protrudes over the left edge of the keyboard, if that makes sense.


Wait, what?


Also not super sure what you’re talking about. All non spacebar keycaps 2u and up (2u, 2,25u, 2,75u) use the same size stabilisers. Do you perhaps have a pic of the issue? :smiley:

FYI this set will work with the GK64 tho, the 2u shift will use the same mould as was used for the 2u shift in 9009 and people for sure used that on 2u shift boards :smiley:


I will post pics when j get home, but if you say they work it’s good enough for me! Thanks!


I guess its a 2.25 shift you have there. :slight_smile:


I posted on GH, but just wanted to say I’m super stoked for my sweet to arrive! Gj jangly lad


same same


Will a Norde or international set be available?


Hehe bit late, GB already ended :wink: It wasn’t available tho, no.