[IC] GMK Modern Dolch



I would like to introduce you to GMK Modern Dolch!


Many of you have probably owned one or more variants of the timeless Dolch colour-way. I always loved the contrasted yet simple look between the 2 greys, however I always felt like something was a bit off: the colours just seemed a bit too warm and “muddy” to me. I really wanted to give a more muted and modern look to this timeless colourway, which is where Modern Dolch comes in. It keeps the simplistic look and the beautiful contrast between the 2 greys, but cooling the colours down and adding some fresh accents. The result is a very versatile set, which goes well with simple silver/black boards, vibrant teal boards and anything in between.

Here is a comparison between Modern Dolch and OG Dolch:


Because of GMK’s limited offering of stock colours, this set will be offering all custom colours. We’re in the process of ordering plastic Pantone samples for this, instead of going the standard way of using a paper book. This way we can make sure the colour matching is perfect! We will be offering 3 items in this group buy. First is the base kit, the bread and butter of any GMK set. It will support a plethora of layouts combined with some fresh accents mentioned earlier! We’re also excited to offer an icon mod kit, for those who want to complete the simplistic look of this set even more (finally no more R3 all text “Control” key in the midst of icons :thumb:). We also have one more special item in store, a cherry on top if you will! It’ll look awesome and made out of aluminium, more to follow later! :wink: :wink:

I’m aiming to get the same proxies as 9009 going for this, meaning nobody will be stuck with those nasty €20 administration fees on import! Dixiemech for the US and Mykeyboard for the EU are confirmed, and I will be in touch with Zfrontier for China and Cocobrais for Korea!

Base kit

Icon mod kit

Spacebar kit

Render gallery

Mech27 by 27:

Modern M0110 by me and Deskcandy


Fjell Pro by Mekanisk:

S7 Elephant

Tokyo60 by Tokyokeyboards:

M65-A by RAMA

Noxary 280 by Xondat

Wilba.tech Thermal

AI1 by confidential

Xeno by Pwner

If you’re interested in this keyset please consider filling in this Google form, it really helps us out a lot to see how much kits would sell :slight_smile:


Looks great!


Thanks! :smiley:


Def interested in this!


Thanks for sharing here as well. Sorry I wasn’t quick enough to spot it before asking for it on Reddit!

I really like the cooler greys which seem to be a nice modern take on the original Dolch colour in my opinion and the accents are nice but not overpowering.

Do you have any plans to support 40% boards?
Small spacebars etc?

Looking forward to it!




Looks great!


Frrresh! :heart_eyes:

6u off-center spacebar plz.


I’m generally not a fan of the “Turn the temperature/brightness slider on a set, boom it’s modern”, see hyperfuse redux, but I legitimately think this set is gorgeous and significantly different from OG Dolch. I had sworn to myself that I wasn’t going to buy another set for a little bit, but I’m definitely gonna pick up a copy. Great work!!


I love that this is going to have an icon mod for the R2 Control key.


Such a good colorway. :smiley:


This is actually really nice.




This is a must have for me.
Great job on the interest check!


Very good, only thing I’m kind of iffy on is the size of the icon modifiers (from the icon mod pack) are a bit large. maybe 80% or 90% the size may be better. This size concern does not include the escape and menu / fn icon which are perfectly sized.


Awesome looking set and renders!

As usual I have to ask for a NorDe/International kit, even though I know the chances of that happening :slight_smile:


I rolled my eyes when I saw another Dolch because I just haven’t been that into them. This one just looks right though.

This is probably the first Dolch set I can see myself buying. Need to see what my keyboard to keycap set ratio looks like when this hits GB. Consider me interested.


Love this!


Could there be a 1.25u “Fn” or “Function” key? I like putting my fn key in the bottom left of the modifiers row, and I noticed the other mod key is labeled “Menu” and the “Fn” key is 1u (for HHKB layouts?)


Looks great! There are a few inconsistencies between the kit design and the renders. There are two 1u Alt keys in the Fjell Pro render, but only one in the kit. And there are two 2.5u Alt keys in the Mech27 render, but only 1 in the kit. I definitely prefer that over AltGr, for symmetry sake.