[IC] GMK Nord

Welcome to GMK Nord, a keyset inspired by ArcticIceStudio’s Nord color scheme!

This kit was designed with two goals in mind: affordability and compatibility. Kits will be modified if there’s a fair amount of interest in a certain change. All colors are in RAL.

Base Kit
The base kit covers most popular layouts (60%, HHKB, 75%, 65%, TKL).

Spacebar Kit
This spacebar kit is like any other spacebar kit, but also supports split keyboards.

NorDe Kit
The NorDeUk kit adds support for these languages: Norwegian, British, German, Danish.

Numpad Kit
The numpad kit was separated from the main kit to improve affordability, but maintain compatibility if anyone wants to outfit a numpad.

Novelty Kit
The novelty kit contains icon mods, vim arrows and nord novelty keycaps.

Polaris by Ai03

I’m also offering two Nord deskmats, designed by PheonixStarr–they come in Light and Dark Themes.

Keyboard: Cygnus by PheonixStarr
Keypad: Abacus by SomeGreekGuy

Color Palette
This is the color palette for GMK Nord with RAL color codes.

EU: CandyKeys
US: TheKeyCompany
Asia: Zfrontier
Oceania: Daily Clack

First and foremost, I’d like to thank Pheonixstarr for her help with nord. She was always there when I needed feedback and she even made some awesome deskmats and renders for nord. I would also like to thank Dave from candykeys for providing me with crucial information about GMK, contacting vendors and marketing nord. Last but not least, I’d like to thank dixiemech for his invaluable support and guidance. Thank you guys and gals. Because of your support, nord is where it is right now.

Ai03: Polaris 3d model
Pheonixstarr: TI-65 3d model, renders, deskmats, (I’ve heard she has a rendering service too).
Arctic Ice studio: colors, name, logo.


I like what’s going on with the modifiers :+1:

Am I crazy? Could have sworn the IC for this set was a while ago…

Regardless, I’m still hyped about it. Love this color set, and icon modifiers are always a plus. :ok_hand:

That seems like a silly reason to skip it, the numpad is still being offered…
The majority of people don’t use a numpad, so it makes a lot of sense to break it out into a separate kit.

you probably saw it on geekhack. This one looks really similar to the GH one :slight_smile:

There doesn’t seem to be any UK keys in the NorDeUk kit.

What would you like to see in a NorDeUk kit?

I think its pretty spot on how it is.

However if i could suggest a seperate alpha / beta kit with normal letters vs some kind of runes id be into that. Ofc these should be distinct not to be mistaken for canvas runes

I love what you guys got going on with the mods! I’m pretty tempted to jump on a kit just because of them. Also any chance of getting some 1.5u R4 keys in the novelty set? Seems kinda weird to have none since it does have 1.25u R4 keys.

To have UK keys it needs 2", 3£, '@ and `¬. Otherwise its just a NorDe kit

Gib GMK Nord ples.

wow! Count me in.

I think this image from GMK Dracula should be a sticky on all of these sets. Just hard to keep them all straight for me, so I figure others could benifit as well

Color comparison render for your viewing pleasure:


No icon mods for 1.5 and 1u keys? That is not a complete set of icon mods :frowning:
Other than that it is a lovely set.

Wait, no ortho support?

I am big sad.