[IC] GMK Olive

Hi friends :D!

After much delay, I’m excited to announce the IC for my Olive inspired set aptly named GMK Olive. Originally intended to match with the green versions of my Moon and Ares, this set could be the perfect pairing for really anything your heart desires :wink: Special thanks to Zambumon for the amazing renders and everyone who kept nagging me to actualize this!


This will be run through NovelKeys, information about proxies will follow soon.


I decided to go with RAL colors this time around since GMK seems to match them the better than Pantones.


I am currently planning to split the keyset between a base kit and spacebar kit. Depending on the feedback from this IC, the offered kits may change.

More pictures!


Looks Good! I’m in for sure!!

As with everything you do Olivia - I’m a fan and will be grabbing this

Lovin it!

In for 10 sets.

Wait how did I miss this!? Amazing colorway @olivia, looks this will be another homerun for you! I’ll definitely be getting in on this one.

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KBDFans instead of zFrontier for Asia proxy please!

I’m in for a set. This looks great!

Down as well!

Those novelties are cute. I hope the price is right on this and not as expensive is GMK Lime /:

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Is there a chance for a small ortho/40s kit like gmk minimal

++ Would buy it

Makes me want to drink a 007 Vodka Martini :cocktail:


i cant wait to put this set on my sage m60-a :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yeah, that would be a really nice color match! :ok_hand:

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In to put this on a Sage koyu :grin:


Olive this set so much! :smiley:

Thanks for moving the accent spacebar to the spacebar kit and giving us the alpha spacebar as standard this time :wink:


It’s literally the best of both worlds for my love of both Olivia and Camping. I’m sold!

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Looks amazing im very interested

Looks great, will buy!