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Have you ever had a case of the Monday’s? Then Paperwork may be the set for you! Sporting an office approved gray color scheme accented with hi-lighter high lights, it’s sure to bring a smile and a little excitement to your desk.

Paperwork features 13 custom colors from SP’s library. GG, GKH, GTR, RDA, RCJ, YBP, YCE, RCR, RCS, BDG, BFQ, VBQ, and VAT

Paperwork has homing bars and includes two 100, one 175, one 200, one 225, and one 625 spacebars and supports both MiniVan, Planck, JD40/45, Daisy, Core and more keyboard layouts.

We have already discussed this project with GMK and they have given us the green light. We will be sending the color chips to GMK which should ensure a quick and accurate color matching process.


In. I’ve always been a DSA diehard. But recently been enjoying cherry.


Is there any reason why this is only supporting small form factor boards and not a traditional base set accommodating the more common layouts such as 60/65/75/1800 etc?

The reason I ask is custom colours increases the MOQ, so limiting yourself to just smaller form factors will limit your potential participants.

(This might be a moot point if this is your intention further down the line)

But I do love the concept and colours.

Final point - this doesn’t look like cherry profile or legends in the renders. Is this actually using the hub profile renders?


Great job @evangs !!


keeping it small to keep cost down as well as complexity. This is a high number of custom colors and for the first run I want it to be as simple as possible.

HuB has spherical tops so not really sure how you have that confused with the renders here.

Thanks for the feedback


Keeping the kit size down to just your boards limits compatibility and also limits your audience. I completely understand wanting cheaper base kits, but look at how @Zambumon is challenging people’s conceptions of what should be in a base kit with the likes of Jamon and other GBs to reduce cost. The wider you open yourself to the community, the easier it will be to get towards an MOQ.

With so many custom colours, you need to engage the community on this one to make it happen - not hope for maybe 20% of all Van board owners to buy this set.

Finally, on the renders - these don’t look like cherry profile or legends it they do look like a significant number of legends used in hub profile renders - hence my confusion. Might be worth engaging an experienced GMK cap renderer like @janglad.


I’m very interested in. Like guys saying, Is it cherry profile? And does it have multi-row curve? If it is, that’s brilliant.


It is sculpted cherry profile. Row 2344


Those are GMK icons, we’ve used them on the N6 keyset. We didn’t use any HuB legends on these renders.


He’s talking about the alphas. That’s definitely not the Cherry typeface. It looks more like Gorton, and it’s obviously different from GMK N6.

I agree with others that compatibility is just bad. I just can’t understand the logic behind so many custom colors and hamstrung compatibility. There are not things that go together if you are trying to sell kits at reasonable prices.

I understand that your products are your focus, but I think you need to rethink your strategy here.


The renders don’t look like cherry profile, the alphas legends don’t match gmk keycaps either. As I mentioned before it may be worthwhile picking up with one of the usually used GMK IC renderers such as Janglad, tesletron etc to see if you can get something more representative.

I really like the look of this set and would buy if it had compat for the boards I use.


100% on board with this!

I will say that I wish it had the few extra keys needed to support other 40 layouts like the JD40 layout that is pretty widely popular, and maybe pearl support as well, but I disagree with some of the others about wanting support for larger boards, but not even for just cost reasons. I think this set would just look really bad on a larger board. I can’t really articulate why it would look weird, it’s just a feeling that I get. The biggest that I think could maybe work is 60/65%. Any bigger than that and I think it would look just really wrong. It may be worth looking into pricing for the extra keys needed for 60% compat, though, as that would definitely greatly expand the reach of the set.

I don’t really understand why so many people are upset about the small compat here though… there are lots of ortho-only sets that no one gets their undies in a knot over…

That being said, @Jae-3soteric and @DasGnome are 100% right, the font here is definitely not the GMK font. I just compared it to Olivia on my planck, and the R is notably completely differently shaped, plus all of the letters look thinner than what GMK uses. Maybe Steven needs to pick up a real GMK set :wink:



lol. Cite the guy who specifically refused to add literally one key to support the van as someone that Evan should use as an example of good kit design :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I was actually referring to the changes to the base kit such as removing numpad and iso and other keys but I appreciate what you are referring to :joy:


Yeah, honestly no base kit should ever have native support for anything bigger than a tkl. I think the chunk of the community using 96-key/1800/full-size boards (active community members that buy real keysets, not random people that buy a fullsize razer and a taihao set and call it a day) is probably smaller than the chunk using 40% boards.

I actually don’t mind Zambumon’s kit design other than his resistance to allowing his customers to use minivans. I definitely prefer his kit design to what Oblotzky did with Space Cadet…


gazes longingly into the distance waiting for a USB-C full-size with per-key RGB and underlighting that isn’t some kind of compact full-size while staring at their several unused keysets and sweating

Yeah, I think I’m outnumbered by the 40% community. Y’all got a whole Discord community and everything


The renders don’t look like a GMK set even if you squint, like, at all.


Come on over an join us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@evangs I can’t believe the audacity of this set. I’m not buying unless you support my 6 key macro pad. This is ridiculous. :rofl:


Gonna be hard to woo a person who literally needs arrow keys for testing accessibility and number keys for writing out a bunch of arcane layout algorithm stuff :sob: