[IC] GMK Peaches n Cream

Hello friends! :grinning:

With summer just around the corner, I would like to bring you this fresh and creamy :wink: set.

Let me introduce GMK


My inspiration for this set comes from one of my favorite summertime desserts growing up, you guessed it, Peaches n cream. Born and Raised in the south this was a mainstay dessert for my family, especially in the summer. We used to fix it all kinds of different ways. You could have it with ice cream, floats, cobblers, oatmeal, or just some slices with cream poured over top!

Kits & Box art

Were offering the two (Base + Spacebars). ISO users, I got you. Novelties will be in the base kit, yes the one with the crown is a princess peach reference! You will find that you’re able to cover most layouts with this base kit including (60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 1800, full-size)

Here are the rest of the Goods my fuzzy little man peaches

Rama U80-A

Satisfaction 75 by Upas

Rama M65-A

Dharma by Janglad & Ye_Cole

Panda60 by iLouis_07

M60-A by Rama

Dharma by Janglad & Ye_Cole


Rama x Peaches n Cream

It can be the leaf on top of your peach!

Pricing, Proxies, Progress

Group Buy date: Being a summertime set we’re planning to run this in July

US: Cannonkeys
Oceania: TBA
Asia: TBA

Google form to help us gauge interest

Special thanks

Renders: Janglad, iLouis_07
Design feedback: Hisui, Upas, Sushiimi

Do ya like watercolors?

Novelties, deskmat, box art, watercolors all designed by: Hisui

Come hang out!: Discord

Thanks for your time!


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Looking really nice.

Idk I have an addiction to peach cream soda recently so this is right up my alley.

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Would love an R2 1.75u and a R3 1.25u Key as a Minivan owner.
Apart from that i really dig the colour scheme.
Are there any plans for custom modifier legends or even alphas. I think it would be really cool to match these soft colours with softe, rounder legends and Icons.

Extending my support over to Keebtalk; going for that full kit and mat! I know having the novelties in the base kit will increase the cost but I don’t really mind, they’re all too cute for words.

I seen the IC for over at GH & forgot to check it out, glad you posted it here! I really like this colorway! Usually I am not a fan of the softer colored sets but this one got something to it that I really dig. I’ve always been a huge fan of peach anything so there is that, lol. Really awesome work, I hope I can join when this goes live!

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